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  1. i dont understand why the ib is such a greedy organisation.why do they even have to require to pay money for transcript and why cant they just let us create a pdf file of the results which will save time in the future for future uses.
  2. If my predicted grade is 27-28 what are my options for universities in the uk,usa,Canada or Australia for business.(naming some universities would be helpful.)
  3. i need to know the word count for ess IA because it is due however my teacher told me its 1500-2250 but im not quite sure if it is correct or not
  4. I just only need the know the word count
  5. Chakuza

    Subject choice

    Geo is very easy
  6. i think you should do the ib diploma since most universities dont accept IB Certificate
  7. yes because ib would just give you too much workload,furthermore the international Abitur is already a useful qualification to apply to universities around the world.Your school is quite lucky to have options since in my school i have no choice but to do IB.
  8. Im currently thinking about doing the bombing of Hiroshima but I think that it is too common so im trying to think of a new topic
  9. can anyone suggest me some foa ideas I don't know what to talk about .
  10. I need some help I don't know what I should talk about
  11. I also play video games such as call of duty but I always study at least 1 hour every day constantly
  12. does any one have the syllabus ? so I can download it since it would be useful for my revision
  13. Trust me don't take history. Im taking history Hl right now there's too much content to remember and im only in year 12 and not in year 13 yet . Contents about Russia and Italy is also very confusing furthermore history homework is also very intensive as it is not straight forward as you must do a ton of essays. It is also a very hard subject with HL an average of 4.2.Now im regretting taking history now I should have chosen another subject in my school although many people take history at igcse only a few take history at ib since it is vey difficult.
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