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  1. You could search for articles such as cigarette tax or monopoly power for your microeconomics IA.
  2. Is this research question appropriate for world studies extended essay:- To what extent has the migration of Indian domestic workers into Dubai, UAE affected its economic performance and racial and ethnic discrimination? I plan on combining the subjects, Economics and Psychology.
  3. Yes, IB2 is generally more stressful because of IA , WA and EE submissions. Furthermore, in my school the IOC's, IOP's, Second Language Speaking Exams, The TOK Presentation and Essay are all done in the first semester of IB2.
  4. I would suggest that you switch the levels of Spanish B and physics
  5. I think that you will really be affected if you drop to math studies.Majority of econ courses require math HL, and medicine courses (I think) are fine with math SL. So , yeah dropping to studies places you at a huge disadvantage. I suggest that you keep math SL and work hard.
  6. I am not sure about HL Geo but as you say that you have no prior knowledge , I would suggest you to read some basics of geography and gain some knowledge about the subject. The IB DP unlike other curriculum is not assessed by only external examination and it requires you to do IA's for all your subjects. For example, the economics IA requires you to submit a portfolio of three commentaries , each on an article from three different sections of the syllabus. An extended essay of 4000 words is also required. As for difficulty, don't worry too much. Your subjects are manageable.
  7. I have to write the written task for my English A:Language and Literature course. I have chosen a topic from Part 1 of the course, Language and Power. I thought about taking the perspective of a political leader who talks about the perils of poverty and methods to alleviate it. My source is ttps://www.brookings.edu/research/what-are-the-presidential-candidates-saying-about-poverty-and-opportunity/ Now, my question is whether this is an appropriate source for the topic. EDIT- This could also be from part 2 of the English Language and Literature Course and more specifically from 'Language and presentation of speeches and campaigns'.
  8. Thanks for your reply Do you recommend that I drop psych to SL and push English up to HL ? I heard that there isn't much of a difference in psych HL and SL Is English HL needed for a Behavioural Economics course or can I manage with SL ?
  9. I will be starting the IB Diploma Programme by the end of the July. My subject choices are as follows- HL Psychology Maths Economics SL Spanish ab initio ESS and English A Lang and Lit Are these subjects appropriate for pursuing Behavioural Economics in university? Is Psychology HL required or should I drop it to SL and push English up to HL? Does Psychology require any Biology and is it an interesting course ?