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  1. Hey guys, I would really appreciate it if you guys could fill out this questionnaire for my ESS IA. (Edit: I have made changes to my survey and the new link is given below) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2CSMeYJBg8Yp0xo1QUpnlPm8Wmx5GG8oN-QKC8BypK3KcAw/viewform
  2. There is no EE criteria specific to psychology but there is a general one. No, you don't have to pay for them. Here is the link- https://concordian-thailand.libguides.com/c.php?g=530178&p=3626648
  3. Hi, I would appreciate it if you guys would take some time to fill out a questionnaire for my ESS IA. LINK- https://goo.gl/forms/ZClR3gI2o61pd6772 Thanks!
  4. Economics is mostly theory, but in paper 2 we do have case studies related to international and development economics. Also, the internal assessment in Economics requires you to apply the theory learned to an article of economic significance. Yes, business is seen as a soft subject, but I think you should think about your career prospects and interests before making a choice. You can still make a change within a month (it depends on your school), but I recommend that you should check the syllabus content so that you get a good idea of whatever you sign up for. And, yes, I think that the Pearson book is better, but as I said, watch some KhanAcademy videos. They are quite helpful
  5. Sorry about that I don't think the book is as good as Pearson
  6. I think concept- wise, the Pearson book is really good but in terms of questions, it may not that strong. I can't really judge your mathematical ability from GCSE grades, but definitely, people who are doing HL math in IB will understand it better. If you don't want to buy the book, you could open up the syllabus content and learn the concepts from KhanAcademy videos. He explains concepts in a very intuitive manner, so I think it will help. Yes, English is manageable for me. I do English A: Lang and Lit, which is easier than both English A: Lit and English A: Literature and Performance. The only thing you have to do is bring out your own interpretation of texts and obviously know your texts inside-out. As far as Humanities is concerned, I take two of them, Economics and Psychology. What you need to know is that humanities subjects in the IB are essay based and are more subjective than science subjects. TOK is kinda like a philosophy course (it is easier and more interesting than it sounds) which requires you to reflect on the knowledge you gain in the IB, and not just blindly accept it. Yes, TOK requires a presentation as well as an essay. CAS stands for creativity, activity, and service, where you would have to engage yourself in various activities that you are interested in throughout the IB, like painting, playing an instrument or community service.
  7. I personally recommend the IB Math HL Pearson T.B. It explains concepts well. Also, before you start, be confident in all your GCSE Math concepts. https://www.amazon.com/Mathematics-Diploma-Student-Pearson-Baccalaureate/dp/0435074962
  8. You would definitely have to spend all summer preparing for HL topics. Also, why don't you just take HL from the start? I don't think you have started IB yet
  9. Yes, it would be possible to switch to HL math in year 2, but it would be a lot more work and you should be willing to spend much more time in HL than in math SL.
  10. I think you should check the IB syllabus for both subjects to see which one would appeal to you better. Also, Economics HL is deemed by the IBO and many IB students as one of the easiest subjects in the IB, but you should definitely think about your career prospects when making a choice.
  11. Hi, So, IB Psychology has a new syllabus starting from the May 2019 exams, and I just wanted to ask if any of you could tell me one study in the chapter: Thinking and Decision Making. Thanks.
  12. I feel that the switch from Math SL to HL will be quite overwhelming for you or for that matter, anyone, but, I think that it may still be doable if you work during the vacations. Furthermore, for engineering, physics is almost always a prerequisite, but it is possible to take bridge courses after IB. Also, yes, 4HL and 2SL is doable but I don't see a real need for it.
  13. I'm not sure, but it could just be an entrance exam for your school or it could be used to gauge your performance in English and math classes in order to place you in an appropriate level.
  14. Vighnesh

    Joint Honors Inquiry

    Hi, I have just finished my first year of IB, and I am planning to apply for a Joint Honours Course in Economics/Mathematics in the United Kingdom. My inquiry is that are Joint Honours degrees (in England specifically) for four years.
  15. You could get the IB Psychology Oxford 2nd Edition for revision. It is the only book for the new syllabus as per my knowledge. I think it explains content quite well.

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