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  1. Good day everyone. I was wondering if you could help me out a bit. I’m a prospective law student who wants to write her EE on law. I do not take global politics and was thinking of doing it in a English and maybe comparing two books that are law related. But I’m open to ideas and suggestions. If if you could advice me on which path to take that would be wonderful! Looking forward to hearing from you loor xx
  2. loor34


    Hi. Do any of you have thoughts about the Psychology course offered through Pamoja in Higher level. Opinions about teachers? Advice? Im starting in September and would like ti have as much insight on Pamoja as possible including how the classes are held. Thank you
  3. Hello Survivers, I just switched from the Swiss maturité system to the IB. Currently in a dilemma to be very honest. I do not exactly know what I want to study later, i know I want to be in the medical area. Most likely medical malpractice law, yet again, our opinions change so much (and since I've always been very good in biology) I have also been considering Medicine. My current subject package is : English Lang and Lit SL / French Lang and Lit SL alongside Maths SL in HL I want to take Biology and Psychology (through Pamoja) and I'm currently doubting between Chem and Econ. Im much better in Economics, that's for sure. But if I stay in europe for uni i need Chemistry if I would eventually like to apply for Med. Whilst if i go to the US, it won't really matter as I'll have to do an undergrad first. Would someone like to tell me what's safer to take ? Something I'm better at but close my doors to Medicine in Europe? Or take Chemistry and try and survive ? Appreictae all the help and answers ! Thank you

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