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  1. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    English A1 - Hamlet

    Ah, that'll be how they know then. It's odd though, our teachers made it sound as though it was a decision made by IB to stop giving soliloquies because it was easy to find analysis on them in books by professionals, and students weren't giving their own interpretation. But perhaps one of the IB representatives recommended it at a meeting.
  2. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    English A1 - Hamlet

    Apparently the IB oral passages from Hamlet are all dialogues, no soliloquies. For example, you might get Claudius' first speech to the court, or Gertrude's description of Ophelia's death along with the reactions of Laertes and Claudius. Practise with soliloquies, by all means -- but from what our teachers have told us, you will not have the chance to comment on a soliloquy in the oral.
  3. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    Discussion about Uni Offers 2009

    Telephone interview with an English tutor from Lincoln College, Oxford. On the morning of Tuesday the 9th!
  4. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    Just finished reading "Fugitive Pieces", and my God, it is AWFUL. We made "found poetry" out of photocopied pages from it, and they were better than the original writing. It's pretentious. Also, it touches upon the Holocaust (on account of the protagonist's family being killed by German soldiers) yet it fails to be depressing.
  5. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    Intelligent People tend to be Unhappy

    I think an intelligent, introspective person can have a happy life if they try to create a balance, and have people in their life who have different perspectives and ways of thinking and living. I often find myself "overthinking" stuff, but that's central to my life, and I get great pleasure out of simple things like walks on crisp, autumnal days, food, music... And long, involved conversations with friends.
  6. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    Nov08 May09 Title 10

    I have had so much conflicting advice on this! My teacher told me personal examples were the best... He gave my essay 40. It was sent away to IB and the examiner gave it 35, though, as I made it too personal! Draw your conclusions!
  7. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    Interview: Who are you?

    Wodehouse! Good taste. Which ones?
  8. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    Interview: Who are you?

    1. What is your real name? Olivia. My friends and workmates call me Liv or Livvie. "Livvie" is spelled like that because one of my friends is dyslexic and writes things like "lovelie" and "saltie". She wrote "Livvie" instead of "Livvy" and it caught on. 2. Where are you from? Biggar, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. My Dad is Scottish, my Mum's English. 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? *laughs* I clicked on a link in the IB Screwed forum. 4. What made you register on IB Survival? Curiosity. It might be useful after all, as I'm just about to plunge into the second year of IB Diploma. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? God, I can't remember. In the autumn of 2007, I think. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? It's very difficult for me to choose between English and ToK. 7. When are you graduating? 2009. 8. What are your plans for university? My dream university is, predictably, Oxford. My second choice would be St. Andrew's in Scotland. If I stay in Canada (I'd rather not) I'll go to McGill or Queens. I'd like to study English Language and Literature for my undergraduate. 9. What are your free-time hobbies? Reading and rereading. Teaching myself Latin. Walking and talking around town with friends. Letter-writing to friends abroad. Sailing. Having heated discussions. 10. If you could change one thing on IB Survival, what would it be? I think there could be a nicer logo. *grins*
  9. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    Loving Your Life?

    Emigration to Canada from the UK hit me pretty hard... I was clinically depressed for a year or so before giving in to my parents' asking me to go to a doctor, as I'm prejudiced against psychotropic drugs. On the good side, yesterday I came off those same drugs after a little more than one school year on them. At the same time I began to take the drugs I moved schools and began to take IB. Consequently I enjoy my life a lot more. Also, several months ago I came out to my parents and they have gotten kind of used to it eventually... I broke off the long distance relationship I was in with the most important person in my life (who lives in England) and had a girlfriend here for a while... It didn't work out. I've pretty much resigned myself to loving my Sassanach* for a good long while yet, and we are again as together as we can be. In the meantime, thank God for 1000 free international 'phone minutes a month, MSN and Skype. *I'm from Scotland - this word comes from an old Gaelic one meaning "Saxon". It used to be considered highly derogatory, but now it's more a jest than an insult.
  10. Wanda(Not Alvin)


    It shouldn't be too difficult to select a relevant passage... Read through the book quickly, keeping the focus of the commentary in mind, and something will hopefully jump out at you!
  11. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    world lit

    Make sure you pick something that interests you or sparks your imagination. You'll have to "skim read" both books for everything you'll want to include, and it'll get tedious if you really don't care.
  12. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    Difference of English A1 HL and SL

    At our school HL and SL read all the same books, it's just that SLs only have to write one World Literature essay.
  13. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    HL History-- coping or not?

    History is my most homework-heavy class. About once every month and a half we have to write three essay outlines, then buddy up with friends who chose other outlines and learn nine or ten essay outlines. We then have to write an essay based on one of the outlines. Our teacher decided to do our EEs early, and gave us assignments to help us through it if we wanted to do it in History. If you didn't want to, you did a practice HI. Apart from that there's the occasional map to colour (we long for these, as they're an easy several marks)!
  14. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    Presentation: Effect of Videogames on Gamers

    Personally I think you should concentrate on one very specific knowledge issue. If you explore the whole idea, your audience may get confused about what your knowledge issues are. I'd do something about the negative images in games like GTA (which you mentioned in your first post). You could explore why most people perceive these images to be negative, and perhaps how immersing oneself in the images can change one's emotions, rationality and perception.
  15. Wanda(Not Alvin)

    How do you study for tests?

    Throughout the year we're given lots of essay outlines to research and write. So I study from those. I also make cue cards with dates, facts and historians' opinions on them.

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