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    There are a bunch of essay samples and outlines that some I wrote myself, some I compiled from other sources. Most of the learning outcomes have 4 studies or more, except for the general learning outcomes for SCLOA, which I was a little lazy with. Otherwise, these notes are pretty extensive. Hope this helps!
  2. Psych HL and Bio HL, lowkey freaking out because of the sheer volume of writing and I'm worried I won't be able to do Bio well because I get tired very easily 😩
  3. I was wondering whether the Miller-Urey experiment needs to be known? From what I remember, we were tested on it in school and we did learn about it in class, and it's on bioninja as well, but I can't seem to find it on the syllabus itself. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks!
  4. I'm taking two sciences (Chem and Biology HL), and personally, biology is not hard for me, it's just a lot of content. Chemistry, on the other hand, is very challenging for me. In general what you have to keep in mind with sciences is that you need to constantly be at it. Don't skip out on studying for in-class tests, and try to revise a little bit every day. This is not something I did so I'm regretting it a lot. I'm not sure about physics though, because I have heard that it's very challenging. Also, if you don't like it, it might mean that you will struggle even more and not end up doing as well as you hoped. I'm not trying ti discourage you from taking two sciences, many people take two sciences, it's not impossible! But try and consider your options and why you want to do physics. Unless it's directly stated as entry requirements for your chosen course, don't take something you don't think you will enjoy or do well in. Someone else who takes physics might be able to advise you better, though. Hope this helped!
  5. No, only the main content counts - it's pretty much the same requirements for all EEs. But keep in mind that science EEs can have a lower word count, but you need to reach at least the minimum, or have 3200 + words. This is just based on my experience and what my supervisor and EE coordinator told us, so double check with your supervisor!
  6. Depends. How much raw data do you have? I had a lot of raw data, and I mean a LOT, so my supervisor said it was sufficient to include an example of the raw data in my appendix, and I just had my processed data in my report. You should double check with your supervisor because they will have a better idea. Hope this helped!
  7. You can use conformity rates as an example of how phenomena vary cross-culturally, but you have to discuss and introduce the cultural dimensions first. It's not sufficient to just describe conformity rates.
  8. I think Trinity has a very good reputation and is well known for things like research, and maybe good in terms of academics because they have very high entry requirements. Might want to do a little research and check out the course itself and see if you find it interesting, or if it's what you want.
  9. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I guess my situation is a little weird because in some cases I understand the topics but not the IB style questions, which would be the case for paper 2, but some topics I'm a little shaky with in terms of my foundation, which would be calculus and a bit of statistics and probability. I guess I'll do a bit of both, practice a bunch of paper 2 questions and go over topic 5 and 6 again with simple problems and then attempt the IB style questions. Thanks a lot!
  10. Hey there, With less than 2 weeks to the math exam, do you guys have any suggestions for math prep? I need to get a 6 in math, and I have the most trouble with paper 2, and some calculus, and I've been doing past papers but I get a bit tripped up with the questions. I feel that just doing past papers is a bit inefficient, do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks!
  11. yara560


    The difficulty of the subjects really depends on the individual, so I would suggest having a look at the syllabus and trying to see if you can wrap your head around it. Generally, I think Math HL is very hard compared to SL. Are you doing an extended mathematics course or anything like that? If you aren't, then I would again suggest looking over the course syllabus, but all in all, HL is very challenging. As for biology, personally I find biology HL relatively easy and doable, but this really depends on the individual. I know people who find biology HL very hard, but chemistry HL doable, while for me it's the opposite. If you're doing well in biology now, it should be okay but try looking at a past paper and the website bioninja to have a feel for things, and whether you think it's suitable for you. Hope this helps, and feel free to PM me if you need more help!
  12. Hi there, I'm taking HL Bio, Chem and Psych, and honestly, psychology at HL is not that hard. There's a lot of memorization and essay writing required, but I believe that if you're interested in the subject memorization will be easier because you understand the concepts. The concepts themselves aren't hard, the main issue is just memorization. At HL, for paper one you have 4 essay responses, 3 of them being short responses and 1 long essay response. Paper 2 requires two essays from both option units studied, and paper 3 involves answering 3 questions based on a study that is provided. The only issue is that you have to be careful with the two sciences, make sure you are on top of your work and your notes and that you are keeping up to date with the topics that you are covering in class. Personally, I only have trouble with Chem HL because I find the concepts and questions hard to understand and answer, but if you have a look at the syllabus now and try to get your head around things I think you should be fine. Biology requires an understanding of topics and memorization, which I don't find too bad. The 3 HL subjects you've chosen is feasible, but you have to be willing to put in work and commit to your choices. I don't think there's much difference with another HL humanities subject though, you have to work hard for all of them. This is definitely doable. Ab initio does count as an SL subject so you don't have to worry about that! For the grade boundaries and things like that, it depends on the subject. Hope this helped, and if you need more help, feel free to PM me!
  13. With maths, the only thing you can really do is do a bunch of questions. When you're getting the questions wrong, are you spending time going through the markscheme and trying to understand it? This is crucial. Then you should go back to the textbook questions and try again, there's really no easy way to get good at math. Just a lot of practice. If you need help with understanding concepts I would advise you to start going for lessons or extra help outside of school to try and understand the method and applications of concepts, if not you can always ask your teacher questions and things like that. Or even try going through questions with a friend (who's good at math lmao). But I would really stress the importance of practice. Make sure you're doing the textbook questions regularly, not just before the test. Also, the past paper questions are meant to be done only when you've covered all the content, so don't be too worried if you're finding them hard atm. Persevere through and you can do it. I also find khan academy videos help to an extent with some difficult to understand topics. Hope this helps!
  14. thank you, but I guess what's stressing me out is not being able to reach my goal and go to my university, so it's not a particularly good motivator thank you very much for the reply and the kind words though!
  15. Hi there. I'm feeling hopeless at this point with less than 3 weeks - some of my subject grades are not at where they need to be to meet my conditional offer. It's really crucial that I meet this offer but at this point, I feel that anything I do will be useless. I'm just generally feeling very frustrated and hopeless. I can't take afford to feel like this anymore because I've been feeling like this since March and I've taken breaks from my studying but going back to studying on and off. I don't really know what I'm asking for here, this might be a bit of a vent. But I really do feel like I'm in a really bad place atm. I can't concentrate properly and if I do, I manage to get a good few hours of studying but the next day I'm back to square one. Can anyone help? It's alright if no one can really help either, I just kind of need to get these thoughts out.
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