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  1. Hey everyone, Here's what I'm planning to take for my DP. English HL (Idk if that's Literature or Language and Literature - my school calls it "English") Math HL Latin HL Chemistry SL History SL Music SL Will I be overwhelmed with this? By the way, I don't have an option of taking English SL I would if I could. My school operates on a "block schedule," where we have four 90-minute classes a semester. Each semester has different classes, so I end up taking 8 classes a year. HL classes are taken 2 semesters (one 11th grade, the other 12th) and SL classes are taken one semester. Would it be more manageable if I split my SL classes between 11th and 12th grade? Or should I just get them out of the way in 11th? Also, for anyone else on a block schedule, is TOK one or two semesters? Thank you so much.