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  1. Sparkling

    Swedish A1 SL/HL p1

    Näsan hela min klass valde dikten (Alla bergs godnatt). Själv så blev jag helt kär i den, har försökt att hitta den online men har bara lyckats hitta första strofen. Skrev rätt så utförande om hur bergen och illustationen av solnedgången visar en beundran för naturen och dess varaktighet och kommenterade lite filosofiskt om umgänge kontra förståelse och respekt med referens till sista raden. Blev nog nöjdast med den av alla språkexams.
  2. Sparkling


    Through trial and error I've come to do pretty much doing what knucklebumper does, I just wish I started studying with the syllabus in my left hand from the beginning, oh and separating the biology and math work into the topics, that really helps (at least for me) to make the whole shebang look more handlable (handleable? is that even a word? ^^) especially when studying for the exams.
  3. Sparkling

    relationships during the IB?

    I don't really think I'm the right person to answer to a question like that what with my experience but, oh well... I think how it'll be depends a lot on your boyfriend. If he feels lonely/overlooked make sure that you give him some quality time with you. My boyfriend is really mature and we've talked a lot about how much I'll need to study and so on but still I don't think either of us really contemplated how much stress this would have on our relationship. We also happen to live far away from each other (about 1½ by train or 3 hours by bus) which isn't helping much. On weekends when he comes over I still have to do my homework and since I prioritise them above him he gets sad and kinda grouchy. I am tired after doing homework so I don't have the energy to help him get over his grouchiness, so I end up getting grouchy too and then we're two grouchy people in a small space = not nice. I'm actually thinking about quitting things because I feel I can't handle the added stress. Now this maybe sounds all gloomy, but I know another couple who managed to live together during her IB years and they survived just fine Perhaps learn from my mistakes and make sure that you give him some quality time (even if it's just an hour every now and then) so that he doesn't feel left out.
  4. I just found The Art of Fiction by David Lodge and I loved it! Now I'd like to find more books like his and it would be great if anyone had any recommendations or stay-away-froms.
  5. Sparkling

    This or That!

    Math does, totally Feeling too hot or too cold?
  6. Sparkling


    I believe pre-marital sex or no is very much a culture/personal outlook thing. I think that having sex before marriage if you don't believe in it is just as tragic as waiting if you are not sure you believe in waiting. If you look at sex as something you only have with your husband, why change because someone else thinks it's strange?.. and vice versa. Personally, I don't think waiting for marriage would have worked for me. Why? Because I personally think there is too much drama in first times, especially since for many girls the first time hurts and finding the right spots takes either some exploration, time and practice or a bucket full of luck and therefore I would much rather like to be a little more knowledgeable when the big moment comes along (whether that be when I realize I want to spend the rest of my life with my guy, may it be another guy than the one I am with now or when I decide that there is no one at all for me and I am going to be a celibate (or spend the rest of my life doing one night stands, which I hope not)) On the other hand it could be the best experience if you think first time is so very important to do with your ever-after and you feel the excitement around the moment and to grow sexually with your ever-after partner... sounds pretty romantic when I think about it (I've talked about this a lot with a friend who thinks so) but for me.. it just doesn't feel right, so it's not my way to go
  7. Sparkling

    Concentration Tips

    A bath may help because it loosens up the muscles, but it may also not depending on how fidgety you are If I'm stressed relaxing only my body (bathing) doesn't really help because I'm to fidgety to relax my mind. Exercise helps, but I think most of the sports related things are boring so that doesn't help me (apart from climbing mountains, I totally L-O-V-E that for some reason ). I like to do relaxation tapes where they tell you too tighten and release your different muscle groups, that way I'm occupying my mind (listening to the tape) meanwhile relaxing my body. The webpage podcast I've been listening to every now and then is gone so I can't give you the address, but if you're interested try googling (or youtube) passive progressive muscle relaxation. I think exercises that focus on the neck/shoulders/head areas the best, but those that focus on the rest of the body works well for me too, unless they contain to many pauses for breathing, then I get fidgety again
  8. Sparkling

    What do you do to relieve stress from IB?

    Actually I listen to relaxing and hypnosis tapes. And yes, I know how that sounds! But when I feel really bad the only thing that can make me let go are tapes like that and afterwards I feel A LOT better. Have tried just listening to all kinds of music, but I just doesn't work as well for me.
  9. Sparkling


    Never leave things to the last minute - but if you do, don't worry. Everyone else does too
  10. Sparkling

    How to improve language skills

    I prefer reading books rather than textbooks since you get grammar and vocabulary unconsciously while reading. Using textbooks you need to have a really good one and they are really hard to find (I am a fan of Tony Buzan and he has a book called French Grammar Buster coming out in a few weeks which I'm going to try out, if you want a review just mention it) and also that kind of knowledge tend to need a lot more repetition and is very hard to access when you for ex. are speaking because it takes to much time. Once you have a basic vocabulary (meaning the basic words used in everyday language, this list is an example of those kind of words http://www.duboislc.orgEducationWatch/First100Words.html ) start with a book in a genre that you really like, I seriously learned English because I couldn't wait for the 5th Harry Potter book to be translated! When you read try not to focus on the things you can't understand, think of it a little bit as skim reading. If you don't get it move on. If the book is to hard for you to get the gist of it (it's okay to miss a few pieces of important info here and there but you should still be able to understand so much that your mind don't start to wander off) choose a new one that is a bit easier. If you don't get it it's better for comprehension to read a chapter twice than to re-read over and over again what you don't understand. Also at least for me reading a book that is a little bit too hard is better than one that is a little bit to easy to read. Reading this way will make your brain really happy because it is a challenge The brain loves puzzles and you're giving it a really big one! You can also watch movies with French subtitles (if you don't get so caught up in the movie that you forget to watch the subtitles), articles about a subject you love, instruction manuals (honestly I always look for French explanations first - even on food packaging!) and there are many Disney songs in French on youtube (some with translated lyrics) that you can study. Just remember that when you're reading texts shorter than books it's better to analyse than to skim, "why did which conjugation match what"-thinking. This includes movies especially for vocabulary (as you hear the English word and see the French) even though you'll have a lot less time - if you miss something it's completely okay (and even expected!). Also, to get a better VOCABULARY I recommend http://smart.fm using the courses "The 100 Most Used Verbs in French" and "Palmeri's 'French for Reading Knowledge' Vocabulary". I've heard Byki 4 express (google it) is good too, but I've never tried it. Geesh, I've written a whole essay! Anyway this is what I've been doing out of class since the in class French grammar exercises never seem to stick in my mind, and it really worked when I learned English (starting with the Harry Potter books, movies with English subtitles, reading the English alternative first anywhere I could find it etc). EDIT: This is a playlist with a few translated French Disney songs (and a comedian speaking French every now and then in the middle) EDIT #2: Silly spelling mistake.
  11. Sparkling

    Study Skills

    Sandwich: Thanks for the book-tip, I'm going to see if I can find the Greenfield book. I do take a lot of breaks when I'm cramming information (short breaks as in making a smoothie, trying to solve my rubiks cube etc., things that take 5-10 min and will not make me forget that I should study). I take the breaks because the brain is more likely to remember beginnings and endings. At first I thought that was silly to do since you're very likely to go of doing something else and not coming back but then I read in a Tony Buzan book that understanding is not the same thing as remembering. Hadn't really thought of it that way, you understand and therefore get the "I know this-feeling" and think that you will remember it, but then you don't. So I tried with breaks more often and actually it worked. It also makes me more focused because every time I go back to my desk I scribble some notes (mostly I make a fast mind map) about what I remember from last session, and that put's me back in the game fast. I guess now it's to late but having good, organized, color-coded notes also helps. And pictures like mentioned earlier.
  12. Sparkling

    IB History HL Difficulty

    I think this depends A LOT on your school. I'd love to have it like HanoBee, since I get to confused by learning so many details at once. Doing an overview, then letting the whole thing rest and learning details later certainly would have improved things for me. And still I have a really good teacher, I just think there's so much. Also the questions on paper 3 seemed to me a lot more focused and precise than paper 2, and therefore harder to answer. Then also, I'm having problems because I'm totally uninterested in the topics (I'm soo not modern history). I totally agree with coffee addict: if you love it, then go for it! Otherwise it's going to be a lot harder.
  13. I'm doing my essay on Marianne as a symbol for the French Revolution and I've thought about focusing as to why she is a she. I thought to formulate it something like "What factors contributed to the rise of a female as a personification of the French Revolution?" (or if that turns out to be too broad, "To what extent did factor X contribute to the rise of [and so on]") I am including arguments such as the resentment of everything royal during the revolution, the traditional use of women to personify virtues in Rome and that revolution is a feminine word in French. Do you think that this is a good topic and what do you think about the research question?
  14. Sparkling

    Applying to universities in Sweden

    Do you know anything else about that? I know they changed the rules for "meritpoäng" to our favour after all the protests but I wasn't aware anyone was looking into the grade scale.
  15. Sparkling

    Books for English EE

    I don't know anything specific about the books you mention, but I think it's absolutely fine to take something like Alice in Wonderland since so many people do Harry Potter (and if they lose points there it's because there are so many people doing it it's hard to get original ideas) and I believe I read somewhere here on ibs about someone who did another fantasy book (not beowulf or Lord of the rings) who got good grades.

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