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  1. Shawn_DeMaldivianRedDragon

    Looking for an IB buddy!

    hey there,nice to know a fellow IBan! and its even nicer to know people from different countries and cultures. and yeah, we'll be writing the IB finals in the same year! okay, my subjects are: HL: Maths , English A L&L, Chemistry. SL: Physics, French B, ITGS. about me, I'm from Maldives, but currently living in India . if u need me, buzz me on facebook: akko shawn alcatron, or on instagram: @Shawn_The_Black_Sheep hope you are doing well too!
  2. Shawn_DeMaldivianRedDragon

    Hello to all IB students around the world

    so yeah, since i'm new here(joined yesterday) , i would like to say hello.. i'm Shawn from the Maldives, but doing the IB in India, and i'm currently doing IB-2 and yeah. which year are u in , and where are u from?
  3. Shawn_DeMaldivianRedDragon

    Advice for DP1?

    hey Mr. BernOnFire, so yeah, i just finished my DP-1 .. first, let me tell u that u are a brave lad for choosing the IB. let me tell u beforehand that the IB is the hardest possible course in the entire world. you'll undergo a lot of stress, and sometimes you'll feel like giving up or hanging yourself.. but i'll give u tips for sure. 1- choose your subjects wisely . you already have a wise selection. and yeah , i also advice u to take either Maths SL or HL, coz while applying for university, students doing either SL or HL maths have an edge over those who choose math studies. i specifically advice math SL, coz math HL is too tough and you'll die(not literally). 2- take breaks while studying. here's what i do: i take a 5-minute break after each hour of studying. and during the the break i watch a youtube video and then i continue studying. the thing here is that for every hour of study u get to watch a youtube video as a reward. you can try this if u want. its upto you to decide how many hours u study.(i study 4 hours per weekday) but make sure not to lose control of yourself, coz discipline is key if u really wanna succeed in the IB. 3- if u feel the urge to procrastinate, just stop what u are doing at that moment , lay on your bed, close your eyes, and think. imagine what your future is like, imagine that u achieve your dream of becoming the best "something(insert here)" in the world. visualize your dream, then work towards it, study like u mean it. and remember: there are are many other students around the world going through this. we all do this together as one world and one heart. As IB students we help each other instead of backstabbing each other. that's what IB is about: international mindedness . 4- if u really wanna do well in academics, don't take your homeworks and other stuff to study as a chore, coz that will only make it worse. and yes, make a study plan for every exam, and on weekdays, just decide what subjects u gonna study before u start studying, and keep a certain time limit for every homework, coz that will help u speed up your work process. 5- i recommend u to decide all your IA and EE topics by january to avoid trouble in the future. 6- remember, IB is not all about studies, and u don't have to be a nerd studying 24/7. do some sports too.(since you are a brazilian i assume that u are a football lover), and try getting into at least one sports team, coz that will give u CAS points, and plus u get more credits while applying to universities. 7- plz don't freak out, coz freaking out will give u nightmares for no reason, be calm . and if u ever feel overwhelmed by your studies, just stop it right there and go for a run , or go play some football!!!(trust me this helps). 8- lastly , have fun!, coz these 2 years are gonna be special, and i can assure u that once u complete the IB, u will never regret it.

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