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  1. I wrote an ee on how 2 authors from a similllar background reflected different ideologies in their books in specific reference to X and Y books. Is this a category 1 or 3 essay?
  3. So I am studying in India but I am from Korea. So for spanish WA, IB has asked the comparison of spanish speaking culture with the student's own culture. Is it fine if I do my WA on India's culture or is it necessary that I have to do my WA on korean culture??
  4. That is great!! Because my coordinator kept on saying it is unethical to just discard the first reflection and he expects me to write in the first reflection on english ee that i changed my subject from bm to english due to so and so reasons. THank you so much! your help was so useful
  5. Thank you so much for your reply!!! Ok I have already told my coordinator and my supervisor. So there won't be any problem regarding the first reflection right? I don't think they have already registered for me so it is fine
  6. I first decided to do my extended essay on Business and management but i realized it required soooo much work. But I have already completed my first reflection on BM. However, I want to change my extended essay to English and I have already started my work. This means I have to write a whole new reflection. Is it find to do so?
  7. I am going to write my bm ia hl and can you please see how my RQ is? RQ: Should company X stop the outsourcing of product Y and go for product X in order to improve its profitability? Please reply asap and thanks in advanceee
  8. ok thanksss! btw when you are doing your IA, when do you write your executive summary? in the beginning or in the end when you have completed your ia?
  9. THank you so much for your replyyy! it definitely helped! BTW do you know the required tools to be used when doing the IA? If so please tell me because I could not find it in the bm guide
  10. Hello, so i am planning to do an extended essay on business management. I have chosen the area i want to focus on which is e-commerce and traditional marketing I am going to compare both of them and like write which one is better by supporting my arguments with an organization which has proved my thesis. Butttttttt I am so lost for my RQ. Can anyone help me form my RQ?? For example, a rough RQ for my topic would be like To what extent is e-commerce more profitable than traditional marketing for company X It would be soooooo nice of you guys if you help me... THANKSSS
  11. I got to know that CAS is no longer marked and is not accounted for the extra 3 marks given to us. So, is it important for me to focus on the proposals and reflections of the activities I carry out? Because I take quite a lot of time writing my reflections. Also, how many hours of CAS activity do I have to do to satisfy the IB requirements? Anybody? please help me! Your help will be sooooooo much appreciated !
  12. I am going to start my internal assessment in BM and I have identified my client. But, as I am a HL student, my IA should be mainly based on primary research and I do not know what different kind of primary research is there other than doing a survey or an interview. Can anyone please tell me different types of primary research? Thank you so much! your help will be really appreciated
  13. How do we actually prepare for paper 2 section C? In our school, we are currently just trying to answer different section C questions and memorizing them but I do not think it will be possible to memorize answers for allll different types of section C questions. So, how am I supposed to really study for Section C? Anybody? Please help me! Your help will be very much appreciated
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