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  1. Are you in the US? Cause if so, what you study in Undergrad really has no significance if you go onto Law School. When you reach University, they will most likely assign you yet another academic advisor for "Pre-Law" (In the US you get academic advisors for any and everything. For example, I have a Political Science advisor, Economics advisor, and a Pre-Law advisor) and what they will do is advise you to make sure you are taking adequate writing and critical thinking classes. For US law schools (this does include Harvard) the number 1 thing is high GPA (that's why you study what you love) and HIGH LSAT scores. So, going back to your original question, it does not matter if you take Math Studies. That being said, if you decided to go into Tax Law that would require an accounting background which in the US can be achieved via Math Studies but elsewhere in the world IB is treated differently when it comes to placement into programs.
  2. Best revision? Read a bunch of random stuff. Wikipedia, Oxford Philosophy, ect. Then get in a group of fellow students and debate past exam topics. Honestly, that's what my whole HL philosophy class did and we got nearly straight 6's.
  3. Mike


    Man, haven't done this is awhile. With the rabbits you could do some sort of statistical analysis of times rabbits show up in your yard with certain traits outside and see if you can form some type of trend line to predict rabbit amounts and then in turn test that trend line for accuracy and do another stat. test to compare the two.
  4. Predicted 7 in English, got a 5. Only regret.
  5. French SL (Last year): 4 English HL: 5 History HL: 5 Chemistry SL: 6 Philosophy HL: 6 Math Studies SL: 7 EE: B ToK: B Total: 35 Points
  6. But doesn't someone do something about it then? Or are they that good in hiding it? Agree about online gorums, where else can you get symphaty if something goes badly? It's a risk a lot of people are willing to take for the release that comes with it. Stupid, right?
  7. Caffeine is something that a huge majority of people are "addicted" to without actually knowing. It is found in so many things. I used to drink but I've stopped because it just doesnt appeal to me any more. My outlets are TV and friends not in IB. They keep me going. Also, I try to live a healthier lifestyle because being healthy just makes for a more appealing life. I have to agree with the idea that people use IB as an excuse to do things. I know in my school Vicadin (a strong opioid)was used during exam time to numb away hand cramps. I can do multiple wirting exams without using Vicadin or other pain meds, so this just confirms the use of IB as an excuse. Marijuana is extensivly used here in my class but that is a large amount of kids IB or non-IB.
  8. Eh, I don't think you can say IB creates addiction because kids are going to try things regardless--some pick up addictions in the process. Yes, I've noticed increased use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol among my peers but none are no where near addiction.
  9. 4- French B SL Not bad, I guess, for basically having to teach myself French since 9th Grade. Highest grade on the exam at my school, though.
  10. The Starbucks Franchise did not exist in the 50s/60s. You could look at the effect on _____ of the Starbucks global expansion.
  11. Can you post the whole question?
  12. Yeah, it really is an interesting topic. Do not focus on the changes he made to Christianity but focus on the effects of the changes. That will keep it out of a World Religion paper.
  13. Those classes are good for studying in the US. But, all Ivy Leagues and most high end Unis in the US will only accept 7s on HLs only. And even then they get you out of basic classes. Taking another language at A1 HL that is not your native makes you look amazing. It shows a deep understanding of the language and that you have a lot of expirience with it..which will be good for English in the US or Canada.
  14. Wouldnt your topic (NATO...) be more historical? Politics EEs are usually on topics that are 10 years or less from final examination date. So for 2010 it would be anything from 2000-2010.
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