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  1. For example, my friend was accepted to a university that requires Math HL and 38 points total with Math SL and 36 points total. Is this common or a was it a fluke?
  2. I contacted the IB asking for a full list of IBDP schools that offer Global Politics. They didn't have that information. So this is the next best thing I guess.
  3. Unfortunately due to some circumstances I might have to study 3 languages - one A and two B languages (English and Spanish.) I feel like this might not be seen positively by university admissions offices. Since I'm going to study a STEM field and not linguistics or languages, I feel like out of the 4 non-language subject groups I should select as many STEM subjects as possible instead of yet another language. What do you think? Is it a problem or can I still get into good universities?

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