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  1. bumblebee29

    Chemistry HL IA ideas?

    Hi everyone, Right now I'm starting to think about my Chemistry IA, and it would be great to have at least some ideas before summer break. I want to study Pharmacy or Bioengineering at university, so I thought of doing something along those lines for my IA. Also, my friend is writing her EE in Chemistry, and she is comparing the effectiveness of different stomach antacids. I really like this idea, but, obviously, I can't steal it, so I have to come up with my own idea.. Could you please help me with this? Thank you in advance!
  2. bumblebee29

    Questions about IB Psychology

    Hi, I'm also studying Psychology HL, and I'd like to add that the course involves a lot of essays. Initially it might seem overwhelming, but towards the end of year 1 you will have understood what makes a good Psychology essay. The difference between SL and HL is not very large, it's just a couple of extra topics and Paper 3, where you'll have to analyse research methods used in a random qualitative study, but it's easier than it sounds. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. bumblebee29

    Choosing a uni major

    Hello everyone, I'm starting IB in September, and I'm already so excited, but scared! I'm worried that I still can't decide what I want to study at university. My dream is to study in the USA or Canada, and that's why I decided to pursue IB. I'm interested in so many different things, and I find myself thinking that I want to try everything, and the thought of choosing just one area of study freaks me out. I love traveling, art, solving difficult problems, working with numbers and formulas, reading (mostly non-fiction), learning foreign languages and so many other stuff... And I adore learning and trying new things! I'm quite introverted and not really a people person. My dad wants me to go into Economics or Law, but I find them too boring. He also suggests Computer Science, but I'm terrible with computers and programming! Lately I'm thinking about Neuroscience or Chemistry, but I'm not sure yet. As a child, I wanted to be a doctor or a diplomat or an architect. Now I can't even understand if I want to go into humanities or science! So here are my IB choices: English Lang&Lit SL French B HL History HL Maths HL Chemistry HL Physics SL I chose Maths HL because I truly love maths, and I want to challenge myself (people say I'm crazy). Initially I chose Psychology instead of History, but I decided to change, so I could keep my uni options more open. And I also wanted to take Biology, but it clashed with Maths so I had to change it to Physics (which I also enjoy). So I have absolutely no idea what to do. Maybe I should choose a major based on the subjects I'm taking? What can I do? Or should I do a double major? Sorry for the extremely long post, but I'm desperate! Thank you Val

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