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  1. I will be starting the IB this fall. I realized that most UNIs don't accept math studies for a lot of career paths. I would love to persue law in the future, which math studies for a majority of universities allows. However I'm also interested in studying Econ and/or business, therefor I will need math at SL. I've decided to go with math SL, although math is not my strongest subject. I realized I will need to dedicate a lot of time to maths. I finished with a 6.4/10 in Dutch math A, math SL is basically Dutch math A with the basics of Dutch math B ( a harder and more abstract version of SL math). With that being said, my math is not that strong. I don't suck, however I don't invest enough time. I tend to cram the whole semester(8 weeks), 2 weeks before the exams. I want to keep the rest of my subjects as easy as possible, so I can dedicate as much time as possible to math. Moving on to my actual Point: I finished the 10th grade with a 10/10 for History in the Dutch system, a pretty hard course. I have strong English skills and will take Econ as a HL (For sure) alongside History HL or Geography HL. I finished with a 8/10 in the 9th grade for geography and loved the subject. I've heard that history in the IB is a pretty hard course (My school has really strong IB History teachers), however geography is known to be relatively easy in IB. My question is: Wich subject is more beneficial to take, if I want to keep my score high (37+) and have as much time as possible to dedicate to math SL, since I'm weak in that area? Subject picks: English Lang&lit: HL Economics: HL Geograpy/History: HL French ab initio: SL ESS: SL Math:SL Pros and cons about HIstory and Geography HL are highly apreciated. P.S I love both subjects 😌
  2. Hi I'm moving to Armenia this fall to do the ib. I want to study law in Holland, my school does not offer Dutch so I won't be able to take it for 2 years and dominating the language is pretty important for the degree. Dutch is not my mother tongue,as I live in the Dutch Kingdom not the country; The Netherlands. But I've been receiving education in it for 10 years so I hope I don't lose the abbility. Besides Law I would like to have a few other career options with my subject choices. If anybody has suggestions in career options please comment or let me know what you think? (I'm fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, Papiamentu and have some basic abbility in French. I've been thinking about: English lang an Lit: HL History: HL Global Politics or Economics: HL Math studies or maths: SL ESS or physics: SL Russian ab initio/ Spanish B (since I'm fluent): SL Any tips or advice, to maximize my score and minimize my stress will be incredibly useful. 😀

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