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  1. If you passed the class, I'm pretty sure you get a certificate. You just won't get your diploma.
  2. Very true - my teacher was an IB Diploma candidate and she scored a 40-something and scored perfectly on her history exam... She had over 100 pages of notes memorized for her exam!
  3. My friend got a 29 last year and said his Uni only took the 5s and some 4s...Hopefully, it all works out, though.
  4. Yes, when they get the official transcript. I'm being a pain to them because I want to double major and triple minor, so they have to discuss about that, and now my IB scores.
  5. Ahhh, I see what you mean. The topics I did well in are the ones I truly needed for my majors/minors anyway, but I still needed some others :/ I called them earlier and they were unsure themselves, but I'll likely email them just to be sure. It's such an awkward spot to be in!
  6. I called them today and they weren't entirely sure of what they wanted to do - it depended on grades/placement tests I guess? Like I told @Rosalina, I'm in a tough spot because they will take 4s and 5s - just if you score above a 30.
  7. My college said they may take the classes I scored a 5 in, but it depends on their registrar. On their website it says that they won't take IB credits under a four, and that you have to score a 30 overall. It is somewhat confusing because while I scored all 4s and 5s, I didn't hit the 30, so I'm in a pretty awkward position. It would likely cost so much more to take the exams again - and I leave for college in a little over a month.
  8. In my actual English Literature HL? I scored a 57, I need 12 marks. Again, much lower than I was predicted at...
  9. Everything else is MULTIPLE points away... Like 9 or 13... I'm so disappointed with the marking I got in Art HL, though, and I wish I could remark it but its so far from becoming a five, I don't know WHAT could have happened.
  10. I'm one point away from a 6 on my Math Studies Exam?
  11. I'm four points away for the next boundary in TOK... Oh no
  12. Shoot...So there is no way to get a 30 then, is there? How does that work with the extra points?
  13. The only one I'm concerned with remarking is my English EE. I scored a 27. The lower boundary is a 23, and the higher one is a 28. I would need 2 points to have a grade increase. All in all, I got 29 points. I know my EE/TOK points were 2.
  14. I'm not entirely sure... I'll copy my IB results for you. I'm not sure how all of the core points worked out. MAY 2017 ENGLISH A EE B MAY 2017 ENGLISH A: Literature HL 5 MAY 2017 FRENCH B SL 4 MAY 2017 HISTORY AMERICAS HL in ENGLISH 5 MAY 2017 BIOLOGY HL in ENGLISH 4 MAY 2017 MATH.STUDIES SL in ENGLISH 5 MAY 2017 VISUAL ARTS HL in ENGLISH 4 MAY 2017 THEORY KNOWL. TK in ENGLISH C
  15. Contact your coordinator. I've been talking to mine about this, too. My EE grade was lower than I expected, and same with a lot of my other classes. What grade did you get on it and how close were you to the next boundary?
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