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  1. i am really confused with my written task 2. i can't seem to get my head around anything. i have taken english hl and i have to compare two texts from mass media. does anyone have any idea???
  2. Livanya

    Medicine in the UK

    yes, i believe you can pursue medicine in UK but you will have to take Math Studies at least. though it is advisable to take Math SL because there are certain requirements put up by different universities. i would recommend that if you are capable of doing Math SL then go ahead otherwise stick to Math Studies. you may even want to check up with the univ. you are interested in.
  3. hey Naboni!! i don't think you should have any problem in filling out the form per se. most of it is already given. you just need to put in stuff like activity name, date, etc.
  4. heya! I thought of doing my IA on the effect of caffeine on plant growth. Is this topic good enough? Any other suggestions anybody?
  5. Hey people out there! I'm Livanya. I have recently joined IBDP and I have no idea what experiment I should do for Chemistry. If anyone has any idea how to start about, please help!

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