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  1. Also, no continual placement of knowledge questions throughout the essay, instead focusing on one knowledge question.
  2. Context: We're doing poetry and I find it difficult because, unlike IOC, you can't focus the essay into what you want to talk about and the questions tend to be broad. Question: Could I just do prose in the exam? I find it very hard to analyse poetry in terms of technique. I just prefer prose. Also, is it allowed to do a novel which you studied for in IOC but was not the one that you talked about in the actual IOC?
  3. Thanks, everyone! I will just produce my best work and hope for the best :).
  4. Our teacher says that if there are no mistakes in our WA then the examiners will think we cheated. But what if you edit your work by yourself so well, seeing as you have a lot of time, with dictionaries and apply the grammar rules? What if it is actually your own work but it is very high quality? Also, the teacher says that they will think you cheated if your Paper 2 is worse than your WA. Any thoughts? I don't want to cheat but I also do not want examiners to think that I've cheated even though I haven't.
  5. I can't get into the Sydney programme because they said that Maths B (equivalent to our Maths SL) is required. I can't get into James Cook for the same reason. I'm confused about the Melbourne Chancellor's programme. I'm not sure about Bond. Any other options or should I try overseas?
  6. I have the UMAT in a few days and I'm not entirely sure about it. I know you need HL Chem to study in the UK but I don't do it. I'm willing to change but Chemistry is difficult for me at times. I am not sure if our school has registered our IB subjects yet. They said they were about to. Can you amend registrations? Also, if I decide to do it, do I have a chance at doing well in the BMAT? I haven't prepared at all but I hear that Section 1 is kind of similar to UMAT. I do Maths Studies so I don't know if I am at a disadvantage. As an Australian student, would my predicted grade be used or my real grade?
  7. I have good arguments but because my novel is very obscure, I have virtually no secondary sources. I have tried incorporating historians' views regarding aspects of the society but is this enough to earn an A? I really need an A. Also, how do you write a good, analytical conclusion? Does anybody have good A grade English EEs they are willing to share? Any other tips on earning an A? Thanks.
  8. What is the difference between this: There is very good knowledge and understanding, demonstrated by careful interpretation supported by wellchosen references to the poem. And this: There is excellent knowledge and understanding, demonstrated by individual interpretation effectively supported by precise and wellchosen references to the poem. What is the difference between this: There is very good appreciation of the ways in which language, structure, technique and style shape meaning in the poem. And this: There is excellent appreciation of the ways in which language, structure, technique and style shape meaning in the poem. If you do not mention structure, will you be marked down? Suppose the teacher asks you this in the two minutes, does this count? There isn't enough time in some poems to discuss the main techniques PLUS the structure. What is the difference between this: The commentary is clearly structured and the focus is sustained. And this: The commentary is effectively structured, with a clear, purposeful and sustained focus. Really. How do we make our focus purposeful? Discussion How should we discuss the implications of our works? Especially if the works are set in another time and place. E.g. how do we discuss the implications of the Great Gatsby? Do we link the American Dream to the current world even if we live in, say, Asia? There is excellent knowledge and understanding of the content and the implications of the work discussed. What is the difference between this: There are persuasive and independent responses to the discussion questions. And this: Well-informed responses to the discussion questions show a good degree of independent thought. The IOC is in around one day. Thank you
  9. I was thinking about doing a self-taught language too. I hope it is possible, or at least doing a language outside of school with a native speaker.
  10. What are the complete list of languages that IB has written exams for? The Subject Centre on ManageBac lists more than the handbook I read, it seems (I could be wrong). I can never actually find the complete list. You could theoretically do one of these languages by yourself (outside of school with a native speaker) and then take the exam, right? Apparently, some people have done Language B self-taught. The language I’m thinking of doing may be not be offered but a similar language is so I was wondering. I don’t think it’s on Pamoja either.
  11. Not really. I just wanted to know if I could do my IA in an option we are not doing in class in Biology and if I can do my IA based on SL content even though I am a HL Biology student.

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