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  1. Not really. I just wanted to know if I could do my IA in an option we are not doing in class in Biology and if I can do my IA based on SL content even though I am a HL Biology student.
  2. Thanks but I want to do Literature at HL so I will stick with English Lit.
  3. Many websites are saying that high school students should have LinkedIn. Would LinkedIn be useful for someone applying to undergraduate Medicine in Australia? If it is useful or you have done it, do you have any tips?
  4. Also, does anybody have the list of languages available as language As? In fact, what does self-taught Literature entail? Do you need a tutor or do you teach yourself? I probably will not do a self-taught language A but it's nice to know.
  5. I think that you're right. I will probably just stick to my country. Oh, well.
  6. OK. I asked because I need many resources for my History IA but I may just have to use Book Depository.
  7. So you mean that for all our subjects, we can do topics that we are not doing for our IA as long as they are mentioned in the syllabus?
  8. Just wondering if it is legal to write a story about the life of an IB student? Is it legal to mention CAS, IB, TOK and other parts of the syllabus in a story? I don't want to plagiarise anything or infringe on copyright. I just want to know if I can write a story about the daily experiences of someone in IB and kind of mention parts of the syllabus (e.g. that organic chem test was really hard or do you remember the factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis). Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  9. If so, can I do it in an option we are not studying in class? Also, must my IA be from the HL topics since I am doing HL Biology? Thanks.
  10. How to read online academic books for free legally? EBSCO and JSTOR offer snippets but not the whole thing.
  11. Does anybody know of anywhere that accepts undergraduate applications for medicine apart from the UK, the US or Australia in which people speak English?
  12. Are there any full university scholarships for international students in the UK? Otherwise, is there any point in going to the UK? I'm only asking because I have been told that this is a way to put my International Baccalaureate Diploma to use.
  13. I think you are right. The key to fluency is to have 1-and-1 contact with a teacher. I’ll try and find a course. Thanks.
  14. I have watched those parodies too. To be honest, I mostly watch YouTube for MSJChem and Alex Lee’s IB Biology channel. The parodies are useful in their way (and appear to be an IB rite of passage). They help to acquire vocabulary and when one watches it for two months, as you have, they will pick up the grammatical structures. Danke.
  15. Hello, I thought the University of Sydney did not offer undergraduate Medicine. Am I misinformed?