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  1. my teacher told us that explicit historiography wasn't necessary: what the IB wants is an appreciation an explanation of different perspectives (i.e. you don't have to memorise a bunch of historians' names; it's enough to just say 'revisionist/orthodox interpretations' etc). I usually try to get it in either when I introduce a paragraph, e.g. if i'm weighing up factors i might be like 'revisionist historians may argue that x was the most important' or stick it towards the end of a paragraph with a line that says 'this fits with the orthodox interpretation that ...'. However, at the end of the day it really doesn't matter how you get it in there, just that you show the IB that you're aware of different interpretations and historical opinions existing - at least that's what we've been told!
  2. universities tend to prefer maths SL, but if it's a question of almost failing SL maths as opposed to doing well in maths studies, I'd say drop to studies. I'd double check uni requirements for the courses you're interested in as maths could be useful (especially in design) but if you don't think you'll be able to pull up your SL grades going to studies is probably your best option (but don't stress about it, plenty of people take studies and have no problems getting into university to do the courses they want )
  3. bio's not too bad in that there's a lot of stuff that you can essentially learn on your own if necessary - i'd recommend your biology textbook (the oxford one is really good if you have that) and also http://ib.bioninja.com.au/ which covers every chapter really well. if you can learn the content and have a solid understanding of the various concepts /how the ib wants you to answer their questions (think markschemes) you'll be well on your way to a 7 in SL bio :)
  4. definitely!! i won't lie; ib is a lot of work, but it's not so crazy that you don't have time for anything else, especially if you manage it well - there are people at my school who are national level athletes (so train every spare moment) and they're still managing to mostly keep on top of the work. It only gets to be really too much if you put lots of things off til the last minute, otherwise you'll be absolutely fine and have plenty of time to also enjoy with your friends
  5. It'll be fine as long as it's original, so you have a new take on the topic in some way - of course you'll have similar ideas to the ones already done, but as long as you have originality in there it can be a perfectly fine ee no matter how many others have done it!
  6. I know you can't really be like 'lol forget what my parents say I'm just going to do Bio because I enjoy it' but honestly doing subjects you don't like is a dead end in itself - especially when the subject concerned is HL physics, which, as you say, is really difficult. You say bio is practically 'shameful' to your parents, but honestly it would be better getting a 7 in HL bio because you loved it and were able to put in the work to do well, than a 5 in Physics because your heart wasn't really in it. (And I know its easy to say 'well it doesn't matter if I like it or not; i'll just suck it up and get on with it and study hard' - true, that's possible, but when all the other IB stuff kicks in (IAs, EE, TOK etc) that'll become harder and harder and just make you miserable for no reason, which will inevitably make it harder to do well) I'm not trying to say 'ignore your parents' advice' but at the end of the day, it's your life and what's most important is you doing things that'll allow you to be happy in the future - and if that's not being an engineer, then it just isn't and that's okay. There are plenty of careers for chem/bio and although they may not be as 'prestigious' as engineering or medicine, if you enjoy what you're doing that's all that matters. Plus, you've already compromised by agreeing to go into the sciences, so it's only fair that you get to pick your own subjects. good luck! hope that you're happy in whatever you end up doing and manage to work it out with your parents
  7. If you're struggling to make option choices I would definitely recommend starting with 4 HLs! that way you can start your courses without fretting (as much) about whether you're doing the 'right ones', and it gives you the breathing space to make a final decision when you're ready - right now it probably seems like there are so many things you kinda want to do, but once you actually get into lessons for a few weeks you'll be able to decide based on what you really enjoy (which is what's truly important) not just which might be good for university later on. (I started with 4 HLs, but after 6 weeks actually dropped 2 of them to SL, dropped one of my SLs entirely and took up a completely different HL which i hadn't even been doing at SL to start with - it was a bit hectic at the time, but definitely worth it because now I'm doing courses that I enjoy and know I really want to do )
  8. there's an entire section of the authoritarian states bit on Castro, and the CMC 1962 also comes up in the HL only section on the americas. however, if whatever you want to write about isnt directly in your syllabus, it should be fine
  9. i did 4 hls for about eight weeks at the start of IB (my school wouldn't let anyone continue with four past that), which were chem, bio, maths and history (the one I ended up dropping was maths). I know it was only the beginning of the year, when you do the easiest content, but it was definitely manageable, and i quite enjoyed the chem/bio/maths combo. i was kinda disappointed to have to drop maths but on the other hand it did just free up a lot of time which meant i could work harder for and therefore do better on my other subjects - which I think is important for you if you have to do Chinese A. If it's something you anticipate having to spend extra time on, I wouldn't advise having 4 HLs as well (although it definitely wouldn't be impossible). Like you said though, it's important to remain sane, and I reckon even if it was fine in IB1 taking 4hls and chinese a would just be really stressful in ib2? also bear in mind that for med school it's important to have a high overall score (although tbh you sound like the kind of person who would manage that even with 4 hls) good luck though! sure you'll do well whatever you decide to do
  10. I take both HL chem and HL bio, and i would say that although HL chem is probably harder in terms of needing to understand and apply concepts more, bio has a crazy amount of content, so it is a LOT of work. Normally I'd say if you don't like bio don't do it, and I would always advocate doing subjects you like - so if you enjoy chem, although the course will still be challenging, it'll be far more bearable. HOwever, I took HL bio just because I needed it for doing chem at university, and i didn't think i liked it when I chose to take it - yet now it's one of my favourite subjects. And i guess if you need it for university, you might as well do it. One question though, if you want to do psych at uni, how come you're not doing it at HL? surely that would be more useful than hl bio?
  11. I do lang and lit and tbh it's really not that content-heavy; so far we've done one play for the literature part (so not that much to catch up on) and what we've done in language could be easily caught up on by reading through the handouts (this may just be the way my teacher has taught it, but we mainly just talk a lot about the concepts and haven't really covered all that much). if your school would let you change, i'd say def go for it. even if it's a lot of work over dec break, it'll save you work in the long run
  12. i've just switched from maths hl to sl (not because it was too hard, because my school wouldn't let me continue with 4 hls and i liked three other subjs more), and i reckon it would be doable for you. the stuff we'd done in hl so far wasn't all that difficult (since its the beginning of hl most of it you'd do in sl at some point anyways), and there was definitely some overlap with what the sl class had done. if you're willing to put in a bit of extra work catching up i think you'll be absolutely fine! but i do think that you should aim to switch as soon as possible, bc hl does move at a super fast pace and although the first two months weren't crazily difficult, i know it steps up a LOT soon.
  13. hey i literally take your subjects except for a different lang sl! i think it is a good plan for a schedule (though i may be slightly biased haha) - it's hard, especially as the three highers are all quite content heavy, but it's also v interesting and rewarding. with bio and hist it's largely just content learning, so it doesn't matter if your teachers haven't taught ib before, and with chem as long as theyre a good teacher in general you'll be absolutely fine. similarly maths sl shouldn't matter at all if your teacher has taught ib before or not. if you ever need any help/advice from someone with a v similar subject combo feel free to pm me
  14. if you don't need it and you think that the course will be difficult to the point where you either won't enjoy it or it'll impact the time you can spend on your other subjects, drop it. having said that, chem hl is a really interesting course, so i reckon if you do enjoy it you should stick with it!