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  1. It's just that I thought that the k had to be something to do with concentration, but I guess from what you are saying that is not the case? In any case, would you mind explaining or directing me to a good explanation of steady-state approximation? Thanks.
  2. Hi there, first off that sounds really interesting. Secondly, I just did a quick search and I think that this website might be of use to you: https://www.nutritionvalue.org/ Hope it helps!
  3. Personally, I'm not sure and it would definitely be a very difficult topic, but don't quote me on this. It might work out for you, but I think that you should think of a plan b as well.
  4. If you're planning on getting into medicine then the HL Chem, HL Bio and one language option would be better. I personally do not do two foreign languages so I can't really help you with that so all I can say is that HL Chemistry is no joke no matter what other subjects you are taking. Another thing there is no need to take 4 HLs and it gives you no advantage whatsoever, so I highly recommend not doing that in the long term. Congrats on all the As btw
  5. I personally think that that's really interesting! Has your teacher said anything about it?
  6. Hi, Just wanna let you know there is a user on this site called Ivan Fursa that created a youtube channel for their CAS project if you didn't know already!
  7. I don't think reading counts, but since you like reading maybe you could do some writing instead. It'd be best to check if a teacher will be willing to be your supervisor if you upload stories and they can see your progress. Volunteering at a local charity shop is what a lot of people do, but it'd be great if you can volunteer with something that is related to what you wanna do at uni/in the future. It depends on how strict your school is again, but if you can't find any sports club then you can get apps that track your running, cycling etc... and that might count for action. If you like social media, maybe you can take up photography as well. Again, you just gotta make sure that there is someone (probs a teacher) that would be willing to be your supervisor. Hope that helps!
  8. Does anyone have any advice on how to write scientifically for the IAs as I am been told that my language is too informal? Thanks!
  9. Hi, So for my processed data section for my IA, I have to do the chi square statistical test. What I don't understand is how am I supposed to get the expected value. For my IA, I collected data for the population of a species living in two different areas and hypothesis is that one area will have more than the other. So is my expected value supposed to just be a random value I make up? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, So basically for my IA, I'd like to do something to do with glow sticks and the kinetics of it and based on the website below it says I can plot ln(light intensity) vs. 1/T. Could anyone point me in the right direction in terms of this/verify that this is correct? I've never heard that you can plot ln(light intensity) vs. 1/T and I've been unable to find any other experiments that do this? Any help would be appreciated, thank you! http://www-chem.ucsd.edu/undergraduate/teaching-labs/demos/demo16.html
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