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  1. I dont know who, it is shorter and it was provided by my teacher. The topic was phrased as the effect of football in german society.
  2. Hello. So i wrote my extended essay in German B, the topic is about the effect of Germany’s victory in football cup 2014 on the German society and economy. This is specifiaclly linked to group 2a (sociocultural effects). The guides tell that I need to explore the effect of sociocultural aspects on language, however i am not exploring the language. Another guide, more general, which my supervisor gave me doesn’t tell that i need to investigate language and even brings a similar example to my topic as acceptable. So is this topic okay? I am desperately anxious because I am aftaid that I will fail my extended essay and my diploma due to not exploring the effect on language but on society. The research is otherwise really coherent and profound. Please help.
  3. yes that helped a lot thank you so much!!!
  4. If i chose a few certain paintings of some artist, what would i be permitted to write about them? I mean like, could I just describe the similar techniques used to paint them or...?
  5. If I were to write my extended essay in French subject, (B language HL), then would I be allowed to write it about art? To be more specific: paintings. If yes, then which conditions would apply?
  6. I definitely do have near native fluency in English, but the reason I do not want to write my EE in English literature HL is because I am totally not interested in English at such a thorough level to pick an HL. P.S we are only allowed to write EE in our HL subjects
  7. I still do not understand completely the thing with two books. If I'm choosing French for my EE, assuming I do not have to pick English as B language to write it, am I allowed to still write it in English if I pick one French and one English book, both in English?
  8. I am planning to write an extended essay in French, which will have to be submitted in 2019. I know that the topic I want to associate it with is French literature, but I need to narrow it down. How can I narrow it? Any suggestions would be helpful. Also, if I'm writing it in French language subject, does it have to be written in French?
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