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  1. I needed some help in deciding a good topic for a chemistry EE. Till now I've thought of doing it in chromatography and dyes. I thought that the topic of "analysis of hair dyes was overused", so I was thinking of doing something along the lines of: "chromatography of different pen inks", or "analysis of dyes in foods such as ketchup". Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, Our teacher is asking us to finalize our IA topic and I decided to do something in tourism (in Singapore). So is this topic okay: "How does the number of tourists affect the number of local people in Orchard Road, Singapore?" Is this topic okay? Or too broad? I wanted to do something in tourism, so I was also thinking of a few other topics such as "How does public transport affect the number of tourists in X area"
  3. Hi everyone, I found an interesting maths IA topic that really interests me but found out that someone is using the same topic for her extended essay. So can I use the same topic for my IA? Thank You!!
  4. Hello procrastinators, Are IB paper questions ever repeated? Now by repeated, I don't mean word-to-word––is it possible that papers can have the same question, but with a different wording? When I was in IGCSE, all my teachers said that questions will never be repeated. But after doing many past-year papers, I realized that questions were repeated, usually not word-to-word. I'm not talking about those small definition questions. Are other questions repeated? Thanks!
  5. Are there any good web sources or notes for the Carol Ann Duffy poems––especially Foreign? I know that I probably shouldn't be asking this here, but my teacher is quite bad at explaining and didn't discuss most of the poems in class, she expects a lot from us. Thank you, any help is appreciated!
  6. Thank you so much for the quick reply!! But my teacher told us NOT to use any texts we did in class; she wanted us to find texts from another source, so I decided to use advertisements.
  7. Hi, Are advertisements (and references to movies/shows) suitable primary data sources for an FOA on cultural and gender stereotyping? Thanks! My FOA is in 2 days!!
  8. Thanks for replying, but this is what I do do But how exactly do you search for the question? Here is what I type (if it's a chemistry question): "IB HL chemistry {the question}" Do you do it in a different way? Thanks!
  9. So our teachers give us lots of worksheets which have questions from IB past papers, but they don't collect them to correct them. Is there any way I can find the mark schemes to these answers? They do not give us the paper number, so I can't find them online. Using the question bank software might not be an option for me as I use a mac. Is there anything I can do?? Thanks!
  10. Your school would have most likely handed out CAS forms to you. All you have to do is explain your activity, give a title, write about how it helps you/others. You will also have to write the date and a sign from your supervisor. If it's a long-term project, you might have to fill up a log form everytime you do the activity
  11. Dear students, How hard was french B SL? Did you sometimes find yourself staring at your comprehensions not understanding a word? In my school, it's extremely hard (even at SL). Is it really very hard? Thank you!!
  12. Can you do your computer science IA in any language? I asked my teacher if I could do mine in Python, and she said no. But I've seen other people online saying that they have written their IA in a language other than Java, like C++ for example. I would like to use Python as I find it much easier to read and write; plus I've been coding in Python for a lot longer than I have in Java. So if we can write the IA in any language, does it say that anywhere in the guide? Thanks for your help
  13. I thought of the topic, "How easy is it for tourists to navigate through x city." Is this topic suitable? I wanted to do something related to public transport, but my teacher said that it is way too general. For the topic above, I could look at factors such as how many bus stops there are, train stations, taxi (and pricing), street signs, etc. Thank you!
  14. I was thinking about doing my EE in HL maths and found some interesting topics like Rubik's cube permutations, golden ratio and beauty, what 'e' is, what 'π' is, and so on. One of my hobbies is coding (I also do HL computer science and know python), and on one website, someone said that you could involve coding in your EE. How exactly is this done? Has anyone done this before? Thanks, help is always appreciated!
  15. For those who have done an EE in CS, how hard was it? And how do you collect data if you need to? Do you mainly use secondary data for the essay?