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  1. Hello, I'm planning to do my EE on art and have consulted my teacher. I've come up with the question "How does the difference in posting artwork on social media vs putting it in a exhibition change the value of the artwork?" When I proposed this to my art teacher she said that it was an interesting topic but told me I should first have a rough idea on what arguments I will have and what conclusion I will draw. I have no clue how to do that. PLEASE HELP
  2. Hello, For my school, it is required to put in two EE proposals as they need to sort out the teachers to the students. I currently have come up with an RQ for my first choice which is visual arts but haven't managed to get it approved as I need to draw a conclusion but I have no clue what to write my EE about, I have yet to consult my business teacher but I think I'm leaning towards looking at e-commerce. Does anyone have any recommended RQ? Should I look at the company my dad works for, its a company that deals with taxes and financial stuff. If anyone has anything that could help, just a 2 minute answer would help. Thank you
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