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  1. Thank you! That's such a relief... Yeah, sure! I'm really aware of the criteria.
  2. Hi, From paper 3, I'm studying different topics from my classmates because I have a deeper background on them. Will IB examiners say something? Do they have registered which paper 3 options my school is supposed to teach? Will they correct my answer anyways? (As regards the world zones, same zone, no problem with that) Thank you IB survivors
  3. Does the SWOT analysis count in the word count? Let me know plz
  4. Hi, I give you some tips based in your situation: -focus on your HLs. Math, Physics and Chemistry are hard. Do past papers. Study the criteria for every single paper/IA. Bear in mind the wordcount but don't rush. -I think that the EE is not really about HLs or SLs, but just about the subject. Of course it will be better if you have a deeper background on the subject, but not always. If you want a straight A without a big effort, do it in literature, they are the easiest according to people and IB statistics. If you want something more challenging, do it in Physics or Chemistry, but bear in mind that you will need more help from the teacher. A good EE supervisor is also important. -Do the IAs as soon as possible. I did one in summer and the others+EE during the 2nd year. Just have them done on time and make sure the teachers know you're working hard and you're engaged with the process as they are INTERNAL assessments and they will correct them. Guides... Just IB official guides for each subject. There you have everything. Good luck and hope you get good marks!!
  5. Mm yeah I agree I'm finding the Math IA the hardest too... Just ask for help and do it the best you can. Study the criteria carefully, the actual math is not really the hole thing. If the teacher sees that you are working hard he/she will be willing to help you (normally). I don't really know your situation deeply but I think that a person should only drop IB if his/her health is being affected (not enough sleep, incontrollable stress, etc). It is only two years and you can regret your decision, stay strong!. In my school we are doing both the Spanish studies and the IB diploma and it is seriously too much work, but you learn to organise yourself and it is an experience...
  6. Hi, Yeah, Business IA is kinda frustrating... In my school we just use public data from the business register and back up all the IA in financial assumptions. As that's pretty poor, personally I will do a survey (to the people who lives near the company). We just admit in advance that any company will provide us with private info. Hope it helped!
  7. Sorry, but you misunderstood me. We all do know that we are taking HL, the thing is that the are some topics that are 'HL only' and others that are 'some HL only', and we don't know if we take part of the second.
  8. In the syllabus there are some topics (for example, 3.4) that are 'SOME HL only'. What's that? How can we know if that's our case? We're HL, but... Note: the teacher an IB coordinator know nothing about it.
  9. Yeah, I think that is kind of a good question, at least it seems to fit the IB requirements as far as RQs are concerned. I only need some clarification: are you going to compare two characters, one from each novel, aren't you? Your question is not like the typical ones that the IB suggest (as far as I know) but that's no matter provided that que question gives scope for sufficient research and development, and that's what I think of yours. Points of view give scope for critical thinking, as well as subject specific terminology. I hope I have helped you. I'm also about to decide my question for Literature EE (Spanish)
  10. I haven't started my second year but I assure you that it is a lot harder -no matter which you school is.
  11. Hey, I just have everything under control to start the writing process, but I'm very perfectionist and would like to know your opinions about the following: 1. Is it using lots of fonts rewarding? Is it better to repeat quotes of the same person throughout the essay, or quoting lots of authors briefly? 2. Any useful tips knowing that the work of literature is a comedy? 3. Is using appendixes rewarding? Or is better to avoid them? 4. My essay is about a sole work of literature, anyway, may I mention another works of the same author? Other books regarding the same topic? Thanks a lot for giving your opinions!!
  12. Really? I'm glad to hear that IB marks can be useful even two years later! What kind of internship is it, if I may ask?
  13. Hi there, Well, if you want to drop the sports or not depends on you and your circunstances. Personally I have just passed IB1 and did more extracurricular stuff than ever during the school year but also studied more than ever. Most probably you won't have to drop it. Don't worry about CAS, your teachers will tell you exactly what to do and every school organises it in their own way. You will surely have to do some hours of community service, sport with your friends and also anything creative. Don't agonise over CAS, it's the IB funny spot. Literature HL is quite an easy subject if you're good at writing. I do Spanish Literature HL, but I wonder that it's the same. I take Maths SL and it is easy if you have a good Math background, not for me, as I see. For language B, I recomend you to read lots of articles, newspapers and that stuff in the target language. If you are fluent you can get an easy 6 or even 7.
  14. Hi! During this school year 2017-2018 and this summer I'd love to contact with some IB students on a weekly basis via Skype or just chat in some platform like HelloTalk, Speaky... in order to practice my English and my French with native speakers and help with Spanish (30 min Spanish, 30 min your language per week for example?) We could talk about anything you want and also about the IB, I could help you with Spanish B... and maybe meet someday! I don't want to seem picky but for the moment I'd prefer it if person is a girl, like me... 😅 and due to time zones, I also prefer it if she's in Europe. Is anybody interested...? Send me a message! 😊
  15. It was environmental systems and societies so yeah, it was a science

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