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  1. You're doing it very well. In my school Maths and Physics were infinitely more difficult than the other ones. (Same thing happened with the final exams) If you have more questions about the IB, we can contact outside this app and I can fully answer it (no commercial interest, I simply want to speak English). Go through my last posts and you'll find a more detailed explanation. (This goes for anybody interested.)
  2. I didn't take World Studies but I think that I can lend a helping hand. If global issues in World Studies means the same as in English B, traditional medicine is not strictly considered a global issue. (See the photo attached). However, I think that your knowldge on traditional Chinese medicine should allow you to relate it to an specific global issue. As regards disciplines, I understand that, as in TOK happens, you have to explore your topic from a range of different perspectives (here called disciplines). E.g. medicine and philosophy? Well I would recommend you to learn about what does World Studies exactly mean by global issues, as well as disciplines (because it can vary between subjects.) Hope that helps and good luck!
  3. Of course, IB candidate schools have just that purpose. In fact, as soon as you start preparing for the IB diploma, you are an 'IB candidate'
  4. Hey, ...You want to hear from an IB alumnus... ...and I just got my diploma (May 2018)... ...I think that we can do simbiosis and be friends! Contact me and we can communicate the way you want (phone, video chat, text messages...) I want to practice my English (advanced), mon Français (upper intermediate) und mein Deutsch (pre-intermediate) speaking skills... I already speak fluently (not so fluently in German) and won't confuse you. I WON'T ASK FOR MONEY OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT, I PROMISE. A bit about IB and me: -I did the IB as a little complement to the Spanish homologue studies (and a lot of more things). Hence, my marks are not at the top; but my academic achievement was really good and I spent LONG HOURS rumbling through IB's bureaucracy. -My HL's: Spanish A Literature, Business Management and History. (Hey, got a 6 in all of them, I can help you!) -My SL's: English B (got almost a 7, can help you with this one too); Math, Environmental Systems and Societies. -I did the EE on Spanish Literature. Got an A!! (32/34) -Got a B in TOK, but our presentation was great. I can broaden your mind. -My CAS diary was the best of my year according to teachers!! I can give you lots of CAS ideas!! Hope to get a response from you! Send me a private message! 😄
  5. Hi Loïk, (Pardon for my English, it's not that I don't know how to write, it's simply that Spaniards are not too big on languages) As I didn't read Orwell's 1984, maybe I am not the most suitable person to reply you, but I got 32 points out of 34 on my Literature EE so... Coming up with a RQ is the hardest thing as regards the EE, I personally rushed a lot until I narrowed it down. I will go with the basics and then with the most important thing. Make sure that your RQ... -is very specific. - taylors the criteria in every aspect - can be turned into a title (you have to include title and RQ) - you have bibliography that can answer DIRECTLY the RQ (this is the most difficult step) So... I you don't what to do, go for this wild card... It won't let you down: 'Find how X (e.g. 20th Century's consequences of totalitarism) is portrayed in Y (narration, secondary characters, structure, dialogues...)' My experience: 1. I decided X because I didn't know where I could find Y: dialogues, structure...? I simply didn't know. 2. I had a preliminary RQ where Y was the book itself. I wrote the essay with that RQ. 3. Once the EE was finished, I read it, analysed it and found Y: I had focused on the dialogues. YOU WON'T COME UP WITH THE PERFECT QUESTION UNTIL YOUR HAVE YOUR EE FINISHED, because the RQ is a photo of the EE. How could you do a perfect photo of something that you haven't seen yet? FINAL TIP: Don't worry too much if your question seems too long. Mine had 21 words. Hope this helps! If you feel like contacting me, don't think it twice! I'm willing to help and meet people right know...
  6. Hi, I just got my diploma (May 2018) and would like to help IB students because I like the tutor thing and I want to meet people all around the world. I am a strong communicator and can speak Spanish, English and French fluently. Perhaps doing Skype, providing resources, writing articles with tips and tricks...? My uni won't give me credits for volunteering with IB students, that's why I ask if you know any way of being recognized for doing this kind of thing... I prefer volunteering, but getting an online job would be also great. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, I got 32/34 in my EE, but I'M NOT GOING TO STUDY ABROAD and my IB score is not that high (36). However, my EE is closely related to my university studies. My question is: does that 32/34 really matter, or only the A? (Because lots of people get an A, so...) Is there any place where I can get any investigation summer course or something? Present my EE to any contest? Perhaps something in the future? Thank you guys!
  8. Thank you! That's such a relief... Yeah, sure! I'm really aware of the criteria.
  9. Hi, From paper 3, I'm studying different topics from my classmates because I have a deeper background on them. Will IB examiners say something? Do they have registered which paper 3 options my school is supposed to teach? Will they correct my answer anyways? (As regards the world zones, same zone, no problem with that) Thank you IB survivors
  10. Does the SWOT analysis count in the word count? Let me know plz
  11. Hi, I give you some tips based in your situation: -focus on your HLs. Math, Physics and Chemistry are hard. Do past papers. Study the criteria for every single paper/IA. Bear in mind the wordcount but don't rush. -I think that the EE is not really about HLs or SLs, but just about the subject. Of course it will be better if you have a deeper background on the subject, but not always. If you want a straight A without a big effort, do it in literature, they are the easiest according to people and IB statistics. If you want something more challenging, do it in Physics or Chemistry, but bear in mind that you will need more help from the teacher. A good EE supervisor is also important. -Do the IAs as soon as possible. I did one in summer and the others+EE during the 2nd year. Just have them done on time and make sure the teachers know you're working hard and you're engaged with the process as they are INTERNAL assessments and they will correct them. Guides... Just IB official guides for each subject. There you have everything. Good luck and hope you get good marks!!
  12. Mm yeah I agree I'm finding the Math IA the hardest too... Just ask for help and do it the best you can. Study the criteria carefully, the actual math is not really the hole thing. If the teacher sees that you are working hard he/she will be willing to help you (normally). I don't really know your situation deeply but I think that a person should only drop IB if his/her health is being affected (not enough sleep, incontrollable stress, etc). It is only two years and you can regret your decision, stay strong!. In my school we are doing both the Spanish studies and the IB diploma and it is seriously too much work, but you learn to organise yourself and it is an experience...
  13. Hi, Yeah, Business IA is kinda frustrating... In my school we just use public data from the business register and back up all the IA in financial assumptions. As that's pretty poor, personally I will do a survey (to the people who lives near the company). We just admit in advance that any company will provide us with private info. Hope it helped!
  14. Sorry, but you misunderstood me. We all do know that we are taking HL, the thing is that the are some topics that are 'HL only' and others that are 'some HL only', and we don't know if we take part of the second.
  15. In the syllabus there are some topics (for example, 3.4) that are 'SOME HL only'. What's that? How can we know if that's our case? We're HL, but... Note: the teacher an IB coordinator know nothing about it.
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