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  1. Hey! So I just checked my Join UofT portal and I realized that my first choice application status has changed from "Application Received" to "Application Reviewed". It had been a week and I hadn't received any email from U of T for decesions or missing any documents... Can someone suggest what should I do? Should I just wait or send an email to the admission for enquries? I'm really worried that if I have missed out anything... Please help!
  2. Hey guys, I had recently applied to U of Toronto, my first choice was St George life science. I just want to ask if any other international applicants can give me an idea on how much scholarship did you guys get? I really need a scholarship as tution at U of T plus living costs get up to 60000 CDN annually... I am from a middle income family and I am currently doing the IB, my predicted is 40. Besides, are there any scholarships for international applicants that are not automatically considered and I can apply for them now? (late January) I applied for Victoria College because it is rumoured to have mist funding for scholaships, is it true? Thank you sooo much for your help!
  3. Hey guys, I have to submit a list of 10 unis to school before summer break ends, I am really looking forward to a good uni in the US, but my grades are not that great, and I need a scholarship as well (asian student). I am aiming for psychology, hopefully in a top 30 university. My SAT score is 1380 (retaking in October) and my final exams grades are 36 (possibly a PG 38-39). I have good extracurriculars but not quite related to psychology does it matter? What are my chances of getting in unis like UCs, NYU, Boston, Michigan...? My top choice would be UCLA, but I heard that it's very competitive, and difficult for international students to get financial aids as well. Can anyone suggest me some other universities that I can consider? Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello guys, so I got a 5 (nearly a 6 as suggested by my teacher) in my HL English L&L for my Y1 final exam, but I am super worried cuz I need at least a solid 6 for English, since my other HLs are Economics and Chemistry which I am getting a 6 and a 5 respectively. I need a total HL points of 18, so I am aiming for a 6-7 in English, 6 in Economics and hopefully a 6 in Chemistry too. But for now, can anyone suggest how can I ace my internal assessments cuz I heard that for a 7 in English you need very strong IAs? We did one FOA already, I got a 6, any tips for getting a 7? (I am doing my next one on textual bias) My teacher hasn't really explained anything about the IOC, I have read 2 books and 3 poems for it by now, is there any time-efficient methods to jot notes and analyze these texts, so when I look back in January, I don't have to re-read everything. I am studying Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, Lamarie Project and Duffy Poems by the way. And lastly, does it matter if you submit WT1 or WT2? Thanks so much!!
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