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  1. For the FOA that we are supposed to do in part 1, I chose to analyse a speech (ich bin ein berliner). I thought about this for a while since analytical skills aren't tested specifically in the FOA and I decided that it DID in fact satisfy one of the part 1 learning outcomes - "analyse how language and meaning shape the audience and purpose". My focus would be the historical and social context of the time period in which the speech was delivered and how it shapes the overall meaning of the text. When I asked my teacher if this could be a suitable topic for the FOA, she told me that analytical skills were assessed in Paper 1 and that I would only score 15 marks for the analysis. However, she added that she wouldn't stop me from going through with this topic and that I could score higher if it was a critical analysis of the text. I am freaking out since it took me along time after I left the group that I was originally in and had to brainstorm for a new topic- which exhausted me mentally Could anyone offer any suggestions as to whether it would be a good decision to continue with my current topic or advice as to what could possibly constitute as a critical analysis? PS I have to present my topic on MONDAY so it would be very helpful if you guys could offer suggestions before then. Thanks
  2. I started ib about two weeks ago and almost everyone's taken AB. I already have prior knowledge since I did my GCSEs, but I've heard that B SL is quite hard, especially if youre not fluent (my case) So i was wondering if anyone could give some advice as to how I should prepare and study for the course and if it it would be too difficult for me? (since I'm not fluent)
  3. In my school I heard that only one of my seniors took a french HL and he was a native- and HE found it really difficult! Personally I like french so working hard for it wasn't really a problem for me; I'm worried because I'm not very fluent - Can I get decent marks if I take HL?

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