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  1. Hey guys, I have two UC campus choices, knowing my predicted grade is going to range from 36-38, and having a wide range of extracurriculars and activities but sadly having an SAT score of 1150, is it worth applying to UCLA with my scores? Because my choices are either UCLA and UCSD or UCSD and UCI. Thank you. PS. Im willing to study computer science.
  2. My presentation is this Thursday, in my opinion, its done, but could use some finishing touches, was curious to see if anyone was interested in listening to me present it to them, and help me spot any obvious mistakes that could lead me to losing marks. Just PM me if interested. Thank you
  3. Don't worry, don't panic, it happens to all of us. The whole evaluation part is looking back and reflecting on what you have done, looking at the certainty of the value, the certainty of the methodology, and the comparison to the value found from secondary sources. If I was in your situation, I would first of all look at my formulas and theorems used, try to validate them, and try to spot any mistake, you would be surprised. If not, look at the time I have, look at if I can redo some aspects of the experiment, and if not, include in the evaluation what went wrong, why it went wrong, what could be done to prevent it, and how we can find a value thats as close as possible to the actual value. Hope this helps.
  4. Hey guys, I'm reviewing my presentation against the assessment rubric and stumbled upon this. "the knowledge question is effectively explored in the context of the RLS" does this mean that I have to refer back to my RLS, after making every claim, or something else?? Any answers would be appreciated.
  5. Hey IBlearner73, From my experience, don't worry about your pages, mine was also 16, but my IA was filled with graphs, that took up lots of space. and your reflection, reflect on the validity of your data, how accurate were you? if possible compare your conclusions with previous conclusions found online. Also, state how you could improve your IA if you were to do it again. Best of luck!
  6. IB1: Hello I am Ahmedededed and I live in Oman IB2: Hello I am depressed and I live in constant fear and anxiety Good luck to you all!
  7. If you think that it would be beneficial but space consuming, you could always create an appendix, and put your graphs there, then refer to them in your IA. Besides, A Statistics IA would not be complete in my eyes without some form of graphs to represent your data. Hope this helps.
  8. Quick question, Should I aim to make my TOK Presi Entertaining for the examiner, "TED Talks" style, or should I keep it formal, and not waste time on those little parts. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, Im currently 16 years old applying to Universities, just wanted to ask if mentioning my age (which is considered young to be doing IB2, well in my region ) will be beneficial or will it just be looked past. Just wanted to see ur guys opinion. Thanks!
  10. Type in the question in google, and it tends to give you the exact question from the paper, which then could help you get the anwsers. Hope this helps!
  11. The certificate is recognised very poorly in comparison to the Diploma, IB gets its "hellish" aspects from the diploma (TOK, EE, 150CAS), therefore taking it away would take the main IB aspect of it, which in my eyes beats the whole purpose of doing the IB course. Hope this helps!
  12. From what I know there would be nothing wrong with adding images as long as you site them, you could also consider adding them to an appendix and referencing them. But if it will affect your score, I would honestly talk to my EE Supervisor about that. All The Best!
  13. The only way to practice and improve in Mathematics is by practising, reflecting on your answer and learning for your mistake. Forwarding on that, in the months leading up to your exam, you should be doing as many past papers as possible, and learning from your mistakes. Hope this was helpful!
  14. Hey guys, I've been looking around the internet and seemed to not find any threads or forums regarding the Computer Science may 2018 Case study where students can share note, so I just wanted to create this to help us share links and notes. If I am mistaken and a thread like this exists please link me to it, so I can be aware. Thanks!
  15. The title most likely says it all, was just wondering if the TOK textbook had any crucial info we need to study from or if it is just general knowledge we can get from the internet or class? Moral of the story... should I look into reading the TOK book?
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