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  1. I just competed my Extended Essay and I have to give my viva voce soon. Is there any particular method to prepare for this?
  2. ...you realise that right after exams end, all your IAs, your EE and your ToK essay is due the following week. You then wonder why you studied for that exam for two whole months when you didn't get a better overall score.
  3. I feel really weird while bragging, but here we go! I know a lot of Ancient History and Mythology. It may seem to be religious and nerdy, but I think that is damn cool because I know more about this than most of my Friends and Family.
  4. Your University will look at your expected grades to make their decision and your final grades once they come out. Your admission would have been complete by then, but that doesn't mean that it is fine if you do not study. If your final grades drop by a huge margin, you will most likely have to give them some reason.
  5. Certainly! They have the most important details in short. I really like the Oxford Biology, Chemistry and Geography Revision Guides. I also like the Haese Mathematics and Cambridge Guide for Math SL.
  6. This is a decision for you to make. Don't stress over your subjects at High school. There are times when people completely change their thoughts on what they want to do in the future. It also depends on where you want to apply. UK universities for example have a set of requirements, but American and Canadian schools do not. Your subjects look fine to me, but as I mentioned, keep the requirements of universities in mind. - Irma
  7. Post what you feel comfortable of posting, but make sure it has a theme. Here are some ideas: Photography Travel blogs (if you travel frequently) Poems Short Stories Recipes Write-ups about an extracurricular activity. Your other CAS reflections!! Thats all I could think about for the moment! Hope this helps! - Irma
  8. I believe that tools such as ArcGis and QGIS are supposed to help, but I am not very sure how that works. In fact, I have been struggling with the same problem.
  9. Hey KATHERINEwjw! This reply might be a little too late but I would have personally chosen your first topic. A simple IA topic is fine as long as you do plenty of fieldwork and have a good analysis. I personally feel that the second topic would be better as an Extended Essay topic. I hope this helps! Good Luck with IB! - Irma
  10. Hey Watrs! This really depends on the type of engineering you wish to pursue, and no score can guarantee your admission into a university. American Universities look at multiple aspects of their applicants. Engineering is normally very math oriented so a HL is highly recommended, but it is still possible to get an undergrad degree in engineering with a Math SL course as well. Normally, a score of 6 or 7 is appreciated for HL courses. I hope this helped!
  11. It is totally up to you. If you prefer more challenging questions with more time, SAT is the better option, but if you like easier questions with less time, it is ACT. In my personal experience, doing the SAT questions used up a lot more time than it should have and it was equivalent to an ACT (except with more challenging questions). However, there are a few universities which accept 3 subject SAT tests instead of an SAT or ACT. Since you are interested in Physics and Chemistry, you can do your subject tests in Physics, Chemistry and Math Level 2. Math Level 2 is equivalent to IB Math SL. Chemistry is equivalent to IB HL. I am not too sure about physics. I hope this helped!
  12. Yeah, we don't get good past papers as they are a little different, but on the bright side, Geo is Geo and nobody can change that!
  13. I see. I have done Option D and Option G. I will do the core soon. What is your favourite topic in Geography?
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