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  1. Well, you could do. How yogurt reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes
  2. Im going to take them at HL. Is that going to be a problem?
  3. Overall do you think my subject choices are good? I would like to study medicine outside of Sweden preferably UK or US The thing is some school require physics but I really don't want to do the certificate
  4. I like both Biology and Chemistry. But could I get into medical school with just math studies. Won't unis want Math SL instead?
  5. I just changed it to psychology SL. I was already interested in it but I thought that 3 sciences would be better. I'd rather do the real diploma since its more recognized by universities. I want to get into medicine outside of Sweden, I wonder if anyone has any recommendations
  6. Hey, Y'all. I'm currently in the Predp programme in Sweden and soon I'll have to choose the subjects I want to take for IB1. I'm thinking of becoming a doctor and I would like to study abroad hopefully the UK or the US. I thought of picking HL bio HL chem and HL English and SL Swedish SL Math and SL Psychology Could anyone recommend me something or give me some advice about my picks