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  1. Hi, guys. I am currently having a bit of trouble figuring out how to control oxygen concentration for the yeast and measure rate of respiration (based on carbon dioxide gas production) at the same time. If you have any ideas, please suggest how I could do this? I have never worked with oxygen before or tried adding a gas while measuring another. My biology teacher has told me that physically it may be difficult... But I feel like this is 10000x better than doing sucrose concentration. I have a few ideas such as isolating the yeast in a container with a specific oxygen concentration and having an aspirator/vacuum pump come out of it somehow for the carbon dioxide to be captured but I'm not sure how practical this is. In addition to that, how do I go about finding 'the best' oxygen concentrations for yeast? Do I just find the minimum oxygen concentration needed and then use values significantly higher/lower than that? I've researched that there's a point where that respiration will stop occurring in yeast if the oxygen concentration is too high. I was just wondering how I could go about finding this range/value. In addition to the above point, if this seems too difficult/impractical should I change my dependent variable? Should I measure the rate of respiration by the presence of another variable? Thanks, imperialbee
  2. imperialbee

    Getting a 7 in Chemistry HL

    Hi, there. I've been having the same issue in my Group 4 courses (I take Biology too). I was always so frustrated because my friends would get top marks in Chem and Bio and it caused me to compare myself a lot. I think that the users above have the right idea.There really is a method to IB's madness and it's basically the mark scheme.
  3. imperialbee

    IB Study Schedule

    Okay, first of all, I would just like to thank you for responding with this post. Honestly, this is probably one of the most positive responses I've received in regards to this topic. Many people have questioned why I decided to choose 4HLs and have even advised me not to when it was my decision to take these subjects at HL. I do agree wth you that there is not much difference between English Lit HL and SL and the same thing can be said for Psychology. I just chose English Lit at HL because English has been a relatively easy subject for me in past years and I would like to challenge myself (my Pre-IB English teacher even advised me to). I also chose Psychology so that I could learn as much as I could about the topic (I believe Psychology HL includes human relationships and abnormal psychology - which are subject areas that interest me). I'm in my first week of the diploma program and this weekend I'm planning on creating a study plan for myself. I never thought of studying one subject per day. I have some questions about that that I will ask later. I'm not particularly OneNote savvy, but I'm willing to learn. It seems to be fairly popular among IBDP students and I really like your method. Thank you so much for your input. It was a real confidence booster and it motivates me to want to be better. One question - If you study one subject a day, do you review what you learned on one day the next day? Scientists say that you retain more information if your studying is spanned out over many days. So, my concern is that if I spend one day in the week studying one subject and I never revisit what I learned in the subject later in the week, I will forget. Another question - do you rotate between subjects? For example, you said that each day in a week is designated to one subject. Do you switch things up like this: Week 1: monday: chemistry tuesday: math wednesday: Lit thursday: Econ etc. And Week 2 looks like this: Monday: Math Tuesday: Lit Wednesday: Econ etc. Then Chemistry would be on Sunday instead of Monday. Once again, thank you!
  4. imperialbee

    Free timetable software?

    Wow, there are great resources here !
  5. imperialbee

    IB Study Schedule

    @TheMagical7 Haha, I'm just a bit over the top with my courses. Most people say that 4HLs is feasible, but not recommended. To be honest, I wanted to do 3HLs but my English teacher urged me to do English Lit HL and I caved. I really like English and I have an aptitude for it. If I can't handle it, I'm planning to drop it to SL. Additionally, I chose 4HLs so I had a 'greater chance' at meeting the 776 requirement at Oxford and Cambridge and now I'm not sure I even want to study there anymore. Thank you for your counsel
  6. imperialbee

    IB Study Schedule

    Hi, all. With September drawing near, I am scrambling to mentally prepare myself as much as possible for the full diploma program. Truth be told, I am not accustomed to constantly revising my subjects throughout the school year. For some time, I've studied passively rather than actively. I let upcoming tests and exams dictate when I would study. It's a nasty habit and I am aware that this will have to change since I am going into the IB program. I was wondering if any of you have developed daily study schedules that work for you? If so, would you be willing to share? Additionally, I would appreciate some advice as to how to approach my courses in terms of studying. My subjects are as follows: English Literature HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Psychology HL German Ab Initio SL Math SL Thank you.
  7. imperialbee

    What does your username mean?

    Queen Bee. Though, I'm far from it.

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