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  1. This summer, I'm spending 2 weeks in Warsaw for a hospital placement with Gap Medics. I will be shadowing a doctor for that time and will also be doing some community service. Would this count as CAS?
  2. hibhouba

    Getting a 7 in Chemistry HL

    Oh my god I have the same problem as you right now! At the beginning of the year I was getting 3s and 4s even though I thought I understood the topics. What I've started to do is writing revision notes (try shortening down all the information in the textbook into a notebook) and then look through it during revision. After this, I would print out a ton of past paper questions and do ALL of them and then correct the questions I got wrong. This process can take a while, but I find myself understanding the questions more and know how to answer them to get me the marks. Now, my grades are increasing (can't wait to get a 7 soon!) so it should work for you. Try not to stress too much, just remember you have it in you!!
  3. hibhouba

    Is the oxford chem study guide good?

    I just started using it but it seems really good at shortening down everything. I would suggest using both the textbook and study guide during your revision.
  4. hibhouba

    Would this topic be accepted for my IA?

    Thank you!!!
  5. hibhouba

    Would this topic be accepted for my IA?

    So I want to have a group of male and female do a bunch of activities that test their reaction times. Then I want to take those results and come to a conclusion whether gender affects reaction time. I plan to incorporate probabilities, graphs, linear modelling. (idk if there's something else to add)
  6. I did some thinking on what I want to write my IA on, and I decided I wanted to do an experiment on reaction times. Do you think this would be accepted? Or is there not enough maths in it?
  7. hibhouba


    Would it count towards CAS if I get a job at a coffee shop, and all the money I earn goes towards a Gap Medics internship abroad? Because I will develop new skills and find new strengths. There will also be commitment as it will be a part time job but over the course of several months.

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