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  1. intothesea

    Final Countdown to May 2010 Results

  2. intothesea

    History Paper 3 - History of the Americas

    I did questions 1, 6, and 22 the one about after british rule america was a revolution not an evolution, the one about the north winning the civil war, and the civil rights one
  3. intothesea

    English A1 HL paper 1

    TZ2- minority I thought it was pretty easy, I was expecting some hardcore poem I couldn't understand but this was pretty straight-forward. I failed Paper 2 though. (forgot the author for a man for all seasons) !!!
  4. intothesea

    History Paper 2 Disaster

    I didn't like ANY of my Paper 2 questions. Especially topic 1, it was like women and airplanes. hahaha.
  5. intothesea

    Worst Fear in an Exam

    exactly, that's the kind of things that always happen to me. you know the name of the author so well that it becomes impossible for you to remember it at the middle of the exam. anyway, i don't think the name of the author would affect your score. at least that's not mentioned in the criteria. don't worry about this. Wouldn't they take points off on the "Appreciation of Literary Features" criteria??? I'm so scared! It's such a stupid thing to do, I've never felt more terrible walking out of an exam in my life.
  6. intothesea

    truth about IB

    Employ covert or disguised hypnotic techniques. - This is achieved through the use of specific language IBO uses to promote its programs as superior by employing terms such as “rigorous”, “prestigious”, “higher critical thinking skills”, “inquiry-based”, “lifelong learners”, “cool to be smart” “depth not breadth”, etc. These sound bites (propaganda) are used everywhere IB is sold. Also, the almost "secret code" of acronyms that IBers joke about, IB, IBO, EE, CAS, TOK, HL, SL, HOA, DP, MYP, PYP... IA! hhahahahahahha, still makes me lol. at first it was a joke, but when i realized it was serious i was ROFLING
  7. intothesea

    History paper 1

    It's 20th century, the syllabus I have specifically tells you to study the aims of participants & peacemakers (Wilson & 14 points), terms of the Paris Peace Treaties (Versailles, St. German, Trianon, Neuilly, Sevres/Lausanne), geopolitical and economic impact of the treaties on Europe (establishment & impact of the mandate system), enforcement of the treaties' provisions (US isolationism, retreat from the Anglo-American Guarantee; disarmament- Washington, London, Geneva conferences), The League of Nations ( effects of absence of major powers, collective security & early attempts at peacemaking), the Ruhr Crisis (1923), Locarno & Locarno Spring, Great Depression and threats to international peace & collective security (Manchuria & Abyssinia).
  8. intothesea

    Worst Fear in an Exam

    Forgetting the author of the book I used in English Paper 2 >.> which i just did. **** am I going to fail? For History, getting bad essay questions. For Bio- Just WTF.
  9. intothesea

    was Ke$ha really in IB?

    I doubt she woke up in the morning feelin' like P-Diddy when she had exams
  10. intothesea

    blurt random lyrics out!

  11. intothesea

    TOk grade boundaries

    okay, so i know the essay is 40 points max and the presentation is 20 points max, so 60 points all together. but what do you need to get out of 60 an A, B, C, etc?
  12. intothesea

    Structure of IB

    Well in my school we submit our EE's to our IB Coordinator. Also, some of our SL classes are 1 year which you can do in junior/ senior year. like my schedule is english HL history HL bio HL and my SL's are french B math studies and tok of course ..i'm a senior now and i took psych SL junior year and did one exam, so i don't have to take psych this year.
  13. intothesea

    Psychology Opinons

    It pisses me off how the HL exam is the same as the SL exam but with ONE extra option.
  14. intothesea

    MLA Referencing for the EE

    I use noodletools.com ... click on noodle bibs express or something like that, at the bottom of the page and choose MLA and you enter all the info and it does it for you and if you're doing MLA in your essay cite it like (author, page number) if you're citing paraphrasing or quotes. don't forget to double space your work's cited and put them in alphabetical order too
  15. intothesea

    French B SL

    Thank you so much! Yeah, we have that whole assignment to read an article everyday and we have to hand one in everyday with a summary and all the vocab words we didn't know translated into english, but I always half-ass it! I mean in terms of vocab, i'm pretty like, okay with it I know it'll be pretty basic but if I learn all those tenses you just said then I think i'll be pretty fine. Thanks dude!

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