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  1. I am really struggling on creating a topic for my math HL IA. My tecaher siad that I need to have a stimulus first then use math concept to explore that stimulus. I want to doing something involves in calculus, is there any real life stimulus that involve calculus and suitable for a higher level math exploration. Many Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am planning on doing my Math HL IA on RSA encryption cause i would like to study computer science in University. Is it a good topic for Math HL? Can I write about it within 12 pages? And what topic of math is included in RSA encrytion? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thinking/planning on doing my final tok presentation statistics, something relates to reliability... How should i develop the knowledge question in this case? Thanks in advance!
  4. hi kw0573. for the knowledge question,To what extent are we justified in believing that mathematical knowledge is certain? APart from using reasong (duductive reasoning and axioms) what woks can answer the question that math knowledge is certain? Thanks.
  5. TOK Essay Help How can imagination or other woks except reasons/logic help us to be justified in believing certainty in maths? thnaks
  6. I am not sure what is a good knowledge question? Is this a good knowledge question for writing essay (dont need prescribed titles)--->To what extent are we justified in believing that mathematical knowledge is certain? And how can i develop from here? Thanks in advance
  7. Using a person textbook for math hl but also using IBID math hl ebook. And to be honest, ibid's questions are harder, if u can answer all those plue your own textbook, then nothing worry about
  8. I am doing Physics SL and thinking about some IA topics. I am interested in drone and would like to investigate on electromagnetic interference on drone/multi-copters. But i don't know what experiment should I conduct and what I am trying to find out. At the moment, I think I can use the Lenz's laws to investigate this topic. Can any physic experts provide some comments/suggestions (experiments, apparatus, formula)? Thank you and much appreciated.

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