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  1. My teacher has said that the flow of my essay is fine and that the knowledge question has been implicitly implied. I just would like to know whether it is alright to not mention a knowledge question explicitly in the May 2018 syllabus. Is there going to be a penalty for not mentioning it?
  2. I just wanted to know whether analyzing the mission and vision of a company can be considered as a business tool. Are there any other suggestions?
  3. LTLB

    Conclusion for my Maths IA?

    I am having trouble revising my conclusion for my maths IA. The feedback was basically that my conclusion is too superficial, which I can see. However, I do not know how to improve my conclusion. Does anyone have any tips or pointers? Please help me
  4. Hi, sorry for the late reply. I got an extension of deadline. So I came up with a new KQ: To what extent does reason explain why people reveal the truth? My RLS is: I have been learning magic for quite a few years, and a few months ago, I got a chance to perform magic along with my partner. We planned everything and it went great, however after a few performance, I started to realize that there were quite a few hecklers, they basically tried to ruin the show, which reminded me of past self. This got me thinking, I have encountered this issue being discussed by magicians all over the media, I have watched a few videos on it and learned ways to deal with them. All this sparked an interest on me, thus it became my RLS Is the KQ generic enough?
  5. Alright noted. What about the use of the word 'exploit' and 'right'. I have been told I need to change that as it can be very problematic it it were to be externally moderated.
  6. Incase you are wondering, I consider my self a intermediate magician, I know issues happening in the magic community. If you need that information to give me better inputs, please just ask
  7. So, I started making my TKPPD and TOK presentation a few weeks ago. My original KQ was "To what extent is it right to exploit the knowledge of human science?" About a week ago, I was told that using right(which relates to ethics) is not a good idea as ethics is very questionable, it is more of an opinion rather than a second order question. My TOK presentation focuses on magic, in this KQ it was hypnosis. I have given a lot of other KQs but it wasn't good enough. I need input on what my KQ can be. Please help, this is urgent. I'm in my second year of IB and everything is piling up, I am getting more and more overwhelmed. I am supposed to finalize everything by tomorrow Your feedback would highly be appreciated, Thanks in advance guys

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