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  1. If content is at issue, then you may have dealt with the problem already by changing and refining this (as you say in your post, above). It is hard to say anything more on this score, since none of us have any idea what content you wrote originally and just recently.
  2. If you studied these in Part 3, then you should be OK.
  3. Did you solve your problem? Much depends on what you aim to do. The outcomes follow from this. Sounds like you need to refer to Part 1 for this. Part 2 is for Mass media topics, but if you are analysing and studying this (while using the Malala speech) then you would be referring to Part 2.
  4. Yes, that's right. It'll be much more authentic that way and you will be demonstrating your basic grasp of Jamaican English. Don't forget also that you need to reveal your K&U of linguistic imperialism and the role of creole and pidgin English in his songs.
  5. It's always a good idea to have a main idea that you will be arguing or presenting and to make this clear from the start. Call it a thesis or what you will.
  6. It is essentially showing that you can write in the style of the author (in your case, Ibsen). What I said about diary entry should not dissuade you from using the form. It was only to warn you that you should know the conventions and use the form judiciously. I actually saw an article about this in the resources of the site I mentioned, but it is no longer there. I think that they do not publish all their articles. It had all the warnings and clues about using this form, which was really handy. Lemme see what I can find out.
  7. You have to be wary with this form... Make sure that your character is the sort that would likely keep a diary (this counts in "authenticity") and that all the entries are consistently in the voice of the character. I was also warned by my tutor about all this. She said that entries often turn into vague ramblings or include things that would be obvious to the writer (the character making the entries) which also would be inauthentic and would count against you doing well. There is a lot more to this form than appears to the eye and mind....It is actually quite a lot more complicated than anyone would think. Just be sure to know exactly what the genre "diary" entails.
  8. I remember reading that examiners (and teachers) consider "dear diary" an unconventional way of starting a diary entry, though it is undoubtedly a popular notion of how a diary entry begins. If you check authentic entries you'll find that this way of starting is very rare. Even Anne Frank didn't write "dear diary". Use a date, preferably, for each entry -- or date and location if your chosen character is changing locations frequently.
  9. The British Library is good for sources as well. Try that.
  10. Sounds like your WT1 could work well as a pastiche. 1. Yes, it is fine as a diary, just make sure you respect the conventions (my teacher warned us never to use "dear diary", for eg) 2. Fine. You do not need to cite if you are not quoting from the source. 3. Find a book and use that as your reference. You can also get the ref details online. If you are not referring to any specific page numbers, then any version should do. Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!
  11. OK...For the WT1, since I know now this is what you are doing, you could write a diary entry or letter from the perspective of one of the characters (not the main protagonist, since in most of Poe's stories the mind of the protagonist is revealed to us ... at least as far as I remember). Taking the perspective of a very different character can show the protagonist (or situation) in a very different and revealing light. This could show insight and understanding for your WT1. What do you think?
  12. OK, so you will probably find it easiest to deal with the question about how others are portrayed -- women, victims, animals etc... Most of his stories deal with the uncanny so this would be perfect material for you to write about. What do you think? We studied in class the uncanny in M. Atwood's stuff and I remember a classmate doing a WT2 on this. It seemed to work out well.
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