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  1. voh26

    EE crisis!

    Hi Rawan, Get your teacher's advice for this. No one can tell if you have enough material, unless you feel this to be so. I am not sure if this helps, but there is very little to go on here., and I am not sure if telling us more about what you want to explore will help much answer your question.
  2. No one can predict anything, but how horrible could it have gone? What did you do that was so bad? Don't forget that you can still do well in organization and language if some of the other criteria are bad.
  3. You're not alone on this! Most of us worry ourselves to bits about this really intensive oral exam. It's a one-shot deal and it is nerve-wracking! I just completed my mocks (for us it was the IOC) so can say from this little experience -- be super well organised and know your works inside-out. you can never be really enough prepared. If you really have mastered your works, then identify all the key passages and analyse them to death before the IOC. You won't have time to do much thinking on the real thing. Don't hyperventilate in the exam room! Breathe slowly. Two of my classmates blanked out totally. End your IOC really strongly, not with a lame conclusion but a synthesis. Maybe this helps a bit.
  4. Oops, yes S African (I was thinking Luther-King, which is who we always talk about in class). Focusing one thing is OK, as far as I know because then you have all 10-15 minutes to really unpack and analyze in depth. Just make sure not to speculate about audience and effects, you have to have good reasons for thinking x or y is "appealing" to the audience and link this to the histiorical or cultural context. The context should not be simply tacked on either, it has to be an integral part of your presentation -- at least this is what was drummed into me and it took a while for me to fully understand what this really meant in practice. Tell me how it goes with your FOA! Good luck!
  5. I did my FOA in this too (Language and Power) and the cultural aspect kicks in if you discuss for example the biblical allusions (or influences) in his speech or how his contemporary audience (American, obviously) .. and mention the importance of the time/era, what was going on at the time, attitudes of Whites-Blacks and how his speech was indirectly (or directly) addressing these issues. That is all culture. Lang and Power can be discussed in terms of the rhetorical effect (power) of his words to influence. HOw did he seek to exert power through his speeches? Power = influence, the power to move people to action.... Does this help?
  6. I got a lot of advice for starting my EE (started 3 months ago!) not from my teacher either. But here is what I learnt and these were invaluable points -- make sure that your topic allows you to say something fresh and original. That's really important for the EE. The choice of work takes care of that partly, and yours seems relatively recent and not overdone; but from what I was told by my tutor some novels are not considered by the complicated or literary enough for an IB English EE, and I think I remember that one example of this was the Percy Jackson series. So watch out! Another very important point that I got is this: so that you don't get bogged down make sure your research topic is as simple and straightforward as possible so that you can rely mostly on the work itself (without having to do tons of research) and that you can easily and quickly find the details from the work without having to search and think so hard. You will then be able to get ahead immediately and relatively easily, with all the pertinent details presenting themselves to you immediately. You can then concentrate on working on a really great argument.. To my mind #2 and #4 in your list are the most promising and will allow you to accomplish all this. But you should really double-check the Percy Jackson LF is suitable. My guess is that it is not.
  7. Always start *early* -- and study every day for 30-40 minutes with a particular aim. Without an aim and no time-limit (I find for me, anyway) means that I find that after one hour, I can't recall anything. Then I realize too that I've been day-dreaming and not studying. Short, intensive bursts, just like working out or sitting in front of the computer (computer: get up, move around every 30 minutes, shake a leg) keeps you focused, concentrated. Make all your study moments purposeful - it makes a huge difference. Try it. You'll see.
  8. You'll do just fine! All your subjects are well chosen for what you have in mind and Yara hits the nail on the head when advising about putting effort into what you do. Take what you are interested in -- interest carries you far and makes it easier to dedicate time and effort to what you like doing. So do that Psychology. IB is about learning, not just cramming and thinking of exams and med school later. You have to choose what suits your desires, interests and aims. Good luck!
  9. It's hard to say without knowing the articles. Do you find them too easy? There is tons of general advice here, but not sure if it will help you know what to do with the simple-looking articles.
  10. Hi, Sounds good. Go ahead with your idea. You can compare how they are portrayed physically, clothing, behaviour and relationships, each of these revealing some aspect of the character and also part of an underlying ideology (values, attitudes and beliefs). Keep in mind that each character will probably correspond to a set of assumptions, and some will be foils to the main character. Are the women petty, vicious, backstabbing, where the men are not? Older or younger women? What makes Cinderella "good" and "virtuous" and how is this conveyed? In whose interests is this portrayal (i.e. virtuous and good)? Are we the audience being sold certain ideals? Do they benefit women or men most? Just keep asking questions assuming nothing just happens by chance in productions, there are always interests being served! Does this help?
  11. The certificate will be fine, if you don't need the Diploma. There is no shame in that. But the Diploma will be seen as the ideal one if you are applying to universities, internationally. If it is a matter of choice, then go for the Diploma. But if you are struggling and the reasons are more profound than lack of sleep or not trying hard enough, then you may not have any choice. It is better not score low or fail subjects at IBDP.
  12. What exactly is wrong with your reading comprehension? Tips are not going to help. Glasses will (if the problem is that basic and shallow) or learning to read between the lines rather than reading the word as it is. There may be some cultural infl here, if you have been raised on the muslim texts.
  13. Watch the TED presentations. All the best tips and tricks are there. Mostly. At least if you watch the most popular. What I see is passion, scholarship and attention to details. Neither one is enough alone. Passion without knowledge or care to details is just a lot of noise. I've seen some of my classmates do this, and it just makes the rest of us feel that it is wasting time. Make sure your research and thinking is obvious from how you talk. Also, avoid gimmicks. A good SIMPLE (not distracting) powerpoint is good. Use pictures mainly. A couple of words or sentences only! Prepare well!
  14. Fantasy is fine. Just make sure you have a really strong research question and good structure. That's what really matters. All genres are allowed, otherwise. The rest is in the pudding, as they say.
  15. Too add to what _IB Taking Over_ already said. No, not everything. A lot is common knowledge, yes, but there are times where you want to allow your readers to trace an idea or check the facts -- or that you realize came from your own recent reading and learning and that you want to acknowledge. Some judgement is required here, but when in doubt cite anyway. A lot of this is just "feel". You won't get zapped for not citing general knowledge, if that is what you worried about.

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