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  1. It's hard to say without knowing the articles. Do you find them too easy? There is tons of general advice here, but not sure if it will help you know what to do with the simple-looking articles.
  2. Hi, Sounds good. Go ahead with your idea. You can compare how they are portrayed physically, clothing, behaviour and relationships, each of these revealing some aspect of the character and also part of an underlying ideology (values, attitudes and beliefs). Keep in mind that each character will probably correspond to a set of assumptions, and some will be foils to the main character. Are the women petty, vicious, backstabbing, where the men are not? Older or younger women? What makes Cinderella "good" and "virtuous" and how is this conveyed? In whose interests is this portrayal (i.e. virtuous and good)? Are we the audience being sold certain ideals? Do they benefit women or men most? Just keep asking questions assuming nothing just happens by chance in productions, there are always interests being served! Does this help?
  3. The certificate will be fine, if you don't need the Diploma. There is no shame in that. But the Diploma will be seen as the ideal one if you are applying to universities, internationally. If it is a matter of choice, then go for the Diploma. But if you are struggling and the reasons are more profound than lack of sleep or not trying hard enough, then you may not have any choice. It is better not score low or fail subjects at IBDP.
  4. What exactly is wrong with your reading comprehension? Tips are not going to help. Glasses will (if the problem is that basic and shallow) or learning to read between the lines rather than reading the word as it is. There may be some cultural infl here, if you have been raised on the muslim texts.
  5. Watch the TED presentations. All the best tips and tricks are there. Mostly. At least if you watch the most popular. What I see is passion, scholarship and attention to details. Neither one is enough alone. Passion without knowledge or care to details is just a lot of noise. I've seen some of my classmates do this, and it just makes the rest of us feel that it is wasting time. Make sure your research and thinking is obvious from how you talk. Also, avoid gimmicks. A good SIMPLE (not distracting) powerpoint is good. Use pictures mainly. A couple of words or sentences only! Prepare well!
  6. Fantasy is fine. Just make sure you have a really strong research question and good structure. That's what really matters. All genres are allowed, otherwise. The rest is in the pudding, as they say.
  7. Too add to what _IB Taking Over_ already said. No, not everything. A lot is common knowledge, yes, but there are times where you want to allow your readers to trace an idea or check the facts -- or that you realize came from your own recent reading and learning and that you want to acknowledge. Some judgement is required here, but when in doubt cite anyway. A lot of this is just "feel". You won't get zapped for not citing general knowledge, if that is what you worried about.
  8. It's best never to leave anything to the last minute. You should ask these questions much sooner.
  9. No. You should adopt a definite text-type that has no connection at all with essay writing. A news article and magazine article may look at first sight like an essay. But it is not. An interview transcription (or record) is not an essay either. Make sure your choice is clearly aligned with one of these. But do not make up your own text-type.
  10. voh26

    English B EE

    Which work(s)? and which characters? and what is your main aim for this EE, ultimately? You have to give many more details, otherwise I can't say much at all. No one can. The simple answer to your question, is: "Yes, maybe" -- or "maybe not".
  11. You'll do fine. I've read both and there is plenty you can write about in an original way (that's what matters, in the end) and still do well, even if these are well-heeled classics. Good luck!
  12. Show the knowledge and understanding that you gained via the course. If you learnt about feminism in the course, then deal with an issue in your news article that shows that k&u. For example.
  13. I think the IBO has to ask you for permission, first, if they want to use it. For example, as an exemplar. I think this applies to any intellectual property, so it is yours, definitely and the IBO will hold onto it for a while but cannot use it for training without your permission. It is worth asking your IB coordinator to clarify this. It's an interesting question.
  14. Aya.... OK, I see. Well it looks like you don't have much choice, then. You'll have to wait then for everything to be sorted out. It may mean doing your second year next year, which seems your best bet. In the meanwhile, just keep busy, look into doing some Pamoja courses and study the curriculum. Do you *have* to study in Norway or can you not find something more conveniently within range?
  15. Whoah, sounds rough! Have you thought of doing online courses, with Pamoja, for example? I am not sure if they offer ALL courses yet, but it just may allow you to conveniently work on (and get credit) for courses in the meanwhile, if you don't sort out your school thing this year. Can you not just join a local IB, where you are? They r free in Scandinavia, aren't they? I see your Norwegian flag, so assume you have them all around you.