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  1. I guess if you're fluent you'll do just fine. In my school more than 90% of students get a 6 and English isn't even our first language.
  2. If your mother tongue is English then it should be an easy 6. Not sure about 7 though.
  3. Grade boundaries here: https://www3.dpcdsb.org/STFXS/Documents/2017-05_grade_boundaries.pdf Think 65% is around a 4? Not sure about what you meant of 65, 63.
  4. Buy revision guides. The language is much more precise and you could study more efficiently.
  5. I think it's better for you to talk to your teacher about improving your predicted grades. I kind of compromise with them on what predicted grade I am getting on, and they told me what I needed to attain in future tests in order to improve my grades. Knowing what goal you're going for is so important imo.
  6. For Maths, definitely, use Khan Academy. For Chemistry, I would usually learn from youtube channels. These are some great ones: Mike Sugiyama: https://www.youtube.com/user/mikesugiyamajones/featured Richard Thorney:https://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley PS: I strongly advise you to enjoy your summer since because IB would be 2 years of torture. Anyway, good luck!

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