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  1. ThankYou so much. I know I'm walking a very tight line with doing this project. But i fell it is needed a neutral as possible political videos what show more then one view of a political concern or issue. The trick is to show the advantages and dis-advantages of each idea without picking what one is better to be seen as activism. i will have to make it clear to the Ib that I'm taking many pov and not picking and choosing the better ones in my opinion... staying neural.
  2. For my IB CAS project I'm doing two things first a Philosophy based blog/ video series and a political based video series called RoundTable Decision. For the first idea I have a public Facebook group and have a topic once a month, i will post link bellow. I need help on what ideas to cover for my second idea. I need some ideas on what Political topics I should cover an a IB RoundTable "like" way. If you cant think of anything please place a vote in a poll I will have above . This will let me know what to cover first. (Links to video series and facebook group will be bellow). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wUE9Y5nxD0&t=493s https://www.facebook.com/groups/355190424927661/
  3. Greetings, I have my CAS project through Facebook public group page called RoundTable Decision . I would love if you were to check it out and if interested participate in it. Here is the Youtube Link of the intro video what is also in the Facebook group. Its a short video what tells you what you need to know about it. In short there is a once a month topic question what gets talked over on the Facebook page. the last one was why do we have dreams. They are Philosphy type of questions, should be fun. If you want more information fell free to dm me. Would also like to hear your thoughts.
  4. Greetings, all The IB wants to see is progress in your artwork. Have you picked a theme? its inpoerant to have a theme in your artwork to not confuse the IB or the teacher. Once you have a theme as long as you can show progress you will receive at least a 5 in IB art. The difference between SL and HL are not that different in what is needed. i would stick with HL pick a theme and make sure to show progress. Make sure to source all your work as well sure your teacher will go over it but the Ib is very keen on that. For intense if you are inspired you must show what inspired you through a link or printing the image if its online. I always keep a separate Google docs sheet what matches my art sketchbook. So if I'm inspired i just match the image what inspired me to the page number on my sketchbook. Getting back to your question yes you can do it and still receive a high grade as long as your work makes sense and shows progress.
  5. Greetings, what is the survey for? I did the survey just wondering what you are doing it for?
  6. Greetings, Welcome to IBSurvival. You will first have to make the topic sentence of choice. If you are doing it for math it will have to involve numbers...Therefore you might can do viewership by region. The region would provide numbers for you to use to delve some sort of topic choice.
  7. Greetings and welcome to IBSurvival, the only thing you can do is for one show up on time. For two you need to talk over with your IB coordinator she/ he is the only one what can work with both the school and the IB. The IB can only work through the coordinator in most cases, therefore he/she can be the only one to fix your problem. Hope this helps.
  8. Greetings, First welcome to IBSurvival. Self study is very much a IB type of mindset. Need to get used to having to study for yourself, not every teacher is bad but they just don't have enough time to teach IB level in the time their given. Can always find Youtube videos to learn the new concepts your teacher tryed to teach during that day. Bellow are some amazing links what go step by step for Chem. The first one is a video series the second is notes topic by topic. http://www.learner.org/interactives/periodic/groups_interactive.html http://www.msjchem.com For IA https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6YO6L1RT9ePeFVnSW1SRGFZak0 chem-ia-template
  9. Greetings How long do you have? Restarting would be highly not susjested, due to the amount of research it takes to make an IA. On the other side of the coin if you don't have enough research then your IA will be based to much on your own option without backing it up. The IB does not like that at all. I would try to keep the question you have and pick a online business like Wish.com or Custom Ink. Wish is a online store whats sells a lot of everything and anything. While custom ink is a T shirt and other design company whats based online but has stores in the US as well. You might can find how the stores are doing on the US locations for Customink.com. The links bellow if you some information about custom ink struggles being a online store. Might can talk about the struggles of a Massive online enterprise and then talk about what it would take to be a store in Shanghai. With both qualitative and quantitative figures. Not sure you can do this with Wish but they are a massive online store as well. Hope this helped, would be happy to help you some more if you go this direction. http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/medium-enterprise-organizations-continue-to-drive-business-value-with-workday-nyse-wday-2223913.htm http://blogs.workday.com/customink-fixed-broken-processes-supported-growth-workday/
  10. Talk over with Ib coordinator to discuss over change of subjects.
  11. How are you approaching the business? Might want to make a introduction email if thats the way your doing it. Something like Dear so and so I'm a Ib student and have a very important paper to write. You can explain the paper if you wish so they will understand more. Then say i was wondering if you could take five minutes out of your day to take my survey. Then if they relay you can send your survey If that doesn't work you might have to show up and or set up a time to meat the business person of choice and ask the questions live. Hope this helped.
  12. For each topic of math studies you can find countless how to videos on Youtube and other math sites. That would be my tip to you is use these videos in self study and the issue will be solved. If you still not getting it then ask a class mate who is and most likely they will be willing to help. We are all struggling together.
  13. stressed

    Greetings, TOK is very important in the IB eyes. There is several things you can do by yourself to pratice for a IA and or EE on TOK. Depending on where you are starting an what you are using. I would read Decoding Theory of Knowledge (Link will be posted bellow) , it goes into great detail over mass media and how we live in a rapid culture. After each chapter there are TOK questions to wander along with a precaution task, writing task, and a essay task. This is in blue at the end of the chapter. If you want anchor thing to read over just to help more or have in your back pocket read Postman Amusing Ourself To Death. You can find a IA and or EE on that really easy. http://www.academia.edu/12324147/Decoding_Theory_of_Knowledge_for_the_IB_Diploma As for the rest just hang in there man the IB is a rough place. For subject changes make sure to talk it over with your IB coordinator, they know best on the IB level. Make sure to trust in yourself and stay strong, helps more then anything. Keep organizied and you can be a awesome IB student thats my number one tip stay organized.
  14. Greetings, i know this is for IB questions but figured I would ask just to see if any interest comes from it. I'm in the process of making/ planning a Medieval book and l was wondering if anyone would want to be a Co writer to it. This would help the overall speed it is done in there is only a certain amount of time in a day. its still in the beginning stages and can be done when ever there is free time, no rush and I want to have fun with it. Relay bellow with ideas and or if you want to be involved in the writing.
  15. Greetings, Need help on finding a writing task for Mass media TOK was thinking of timing it to how government uses it to their advantage. Cant think of any right now any ideas will be greatly appreciated.