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  1. seems like you have it under control then. The IB likes lots of examples. Ans applying your question to real life
  2. Greetings, your teacher is right. You will need to do as many experiments as possible, to get as much information as possible. It would be hard but not in possible.
  3. Greetings, this first link is somewhat complex but might help https://physics.stackexchange.com/questions/193501/method-of-calculating-eddy-currents-of-a-conductor-is-this-correct this is a link what shows many ways of calculating the formula http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/4773628/ this might help you lots. Few others might help http://www.phys.hawaii.edu/~philipvd/teaching/14_spring_272_uhm/140320_spring_272_uhm_pvd.pdf http://www.physlink.com/education/askexperts/ae527.cfm Hope this helped. Pm me with any questions
  4. Greetings, you will have much better luck here . I really like How does Tony Morrison use mystical elements in Beloved to portray the psychological impact of slavery? You have a lot to write about on this EE topic, Tony is a creative writer and leaves for lots to be explored. I can find some links for you to help you out if you need it. Hope this Helped, Pm me Questions
  5. Greetings, 70% is really high! you should be really proud of yourself, high five! I wouldn't drop out of the class even though its more tougher then other IB classes. It seems like you understand it just enough to get a high IB grade. Do you want to go into a chem science job or something else. The only other option would be replacing it with anchor science....i wouldn't recommend that. You just gotta stick with it, your doing a great job. If you need some help i can give you some links you might can use. Hope this Helped, Pm me with any questions
  6. Greetings, Could be as simple as Hooke's law on the effect of blank. Or how has hooke's law showed blank, what has Hooke's law taught us? if you need more creative i will have to get back with you after thinking.
  7. Greetings, I really like the topic if done right it can very well be a awesome TOK speech. Just make sure to cover over AOK and WOK, if you do that i done see anything wrong with your question.
  8. 7th subject

    Greetings, The IB is hard to do and has a lot of stress. Depending on the school and what they can offer can make a students life hell. Will your school let you drop a subject after the first year? If you know they will let you then i would say keep with dance. Even though dance wont help you in the job you want to do, its a fun subject you enjoy. By enjoying the subject it will make you have at least one fun class you enjoy, and thats hard in the IB. You will have to ask your IB coordinator for the specifics of your school and what they will allow. Hope this Helped, pm me for if any more questions.
  9. Greetings, In Art the IB prefers to have a meaning in every single piece of your artwork. That being said you can just draw the Cathedral and talk about why you wanted to draw it and the history behind it. Make sure to make it your own your the IB could mark off for that if you use it as one of your entries. As long as you show your steps and have a couple of sentences about why you wanted to do it you should be fine.
  10. Greetings, You want your IA to be something you are interested in after all it is a whole essay you have to make about it. Does one interst you more then the other? When you are interested you will write better then if your not. If they are about the same for you i would do the the fisrt idea of Use the binomial distribution to test your ESP abilities. I think there is more to write about there then the BMI one your teachers and the IB are bound to know about.
  11. cas

    Greetings, I don't see why you couldn't if you manage the site right. You will have to discuss it over with your IB cordnator to get there details on what the IB and school will allow for a website. Most likely your IB coordinator will have to look over and supervise your website! You will have to do it the CAS way what your School has hopefully told you by now. Any questions fell Free to PM me
  12. Greetings, maybe you could do your question like "The harms of clostridium difficile colitis", " The effects of clostridium difficile colitis on the body", "science preventing clostridium difficile coli from expanding or being stoped", maybe as simple as " what is clostridium difficile colitis" ( i know the IB doesn't like simple), and " clostridium difficile colitis compared to (other bacteria of your choice)". Hope that helped. PM me with any questions if you think of one.
  13. Greetings, with the IB you do not want to fail, i would drop the Spanish level if you fell you wont be able to do it. Also by dropping gives you more lead way if you fail the exam to re take it depending on what level and others. The IB is big on exams so as log as you let your cordnator and the IB know you should be fine. Hope this helped, PM me with any questions.
  14. Greetings, English IB Graders don't care so much about the spelling of the writing rather then the context of the writing. Yes, you still have to spell correctly and form your sentences correctly. But the IB wants to know what you think about what ever your IA about and your research behind it. If you clearly show your research and present your topic well written you have a higher chance of a 7. So my advice is worry about the research and your content over sentence structure. PM with any other questions
  15. Greetings, After one week do you fell you might can learn the harder level french with more studying? If not then i would defiantly lower your french level so you have a more chance of higher grades. As for your Physics try to keep it at higher level if you can the more higher level passing grades you have the better you will look in UNI. That being said if you get a higher overall IB score it might look better to other UNI. Like i said above if you can take the higher level Physics and pass i would rather go that route if i was you. If you are un sure about it then drop down to SL level of Physics. Just depends on the college really about your overall IB Score. PM me with any questions