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  1. janegoh

    Help me with picking my subjects?

    Hi there! Thank you for responding, I was worried my question wouldn't get any replies :'( My preferred university is NYU, which is actually how I found out about the IB Diploma Programme as it was listed as one of the standardized tests. I was under the impression that IB Diploma would be seen as a higher qualification than IB Certs and I wanted to train myself to be an all-rounder, so I decided on taking the diploma instead. I could be wrong though. Could you explain a little more about how just taking IB courses without the diploma works? Like how many subjects I have to take and if every school offers the option to choose the diploma or the certs. How are you doing with Visual Arts HL, by the way? Is it tough so far?
  2. Hi guys! So I just joined IBSurvival this morning, so relieved to find an IB community helping one another. I'm a Malaysian student finishing my final high school year in November, but as I'm planning to apply to universities in the U.S., I'm going to take the IB Diploma in Australia next year as my Malaysian high school qualification isn't internationally recognized. A bit about myself: I'm aspiring to be an actress, artist and/or a model, but I understand that it's really tough to make a living out of these jobs. So, my backup plan is to maybe become a journalist, social worker or archaeologist. I'm not entirely sure yet what I will major in in university, but I'm interested in studying Sociology, Journalism, Drama, Studio Art, Archaeology or Anthropology. My parents told me that if I'm going to study fine arts, I'd have to major in business too, though. Except I have 0 interest in business... I'll worry about that in the future Do you guys think you can help me decide which subjects I could take for the IB Diploma to prepare myself for the Uni courses I just mentioned? Currently, here's what I have in mind: 1. English Language and Literature HL 2. Spanish/French ab initio or Chinese B (I'm Chinese and I can speak Chinese, but I'm not the best at writing and reading) 3 & 4. Environmental Systems and Socieites 5. Mathematics SL 6. Visual Arts HL Additional subject: Theatre HL or if possible, Psychology HL or Social and Cultural Anthropology HL (??? Read below) I wanted to study Psychology, as it has some elements of Sociology in it, but I'm not interested in studying any other Science subject so I have to opt for Environmental Systems and Societies, which allows me to pick another subject from the other subject groups, which is why I picked Theatre. But I'd really love to study Psychology. Please tell me I'm wrong and that I can actually pick another subject from Group 3 for the additional subject. Also, will taking Theatre help me develop my acting skills more than just taking regular external classes? Thank you for reading everyone! Hope you have a great day

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