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  1. Hey guys! I'm having a hard time finding EE exemplars for Business with a grade of A or B :(( I would really appreciate if you guys share links/docs etc. with me!
  2. Hi guys! Is it a requirement to focus on a company for business EE?
  3. Make your own business club if you can! Leadership is what US universities really like! I don't recommend signing up for clubs where you just sit and do nothing. Unlike membership clubs it will have more impact on your apps.
  4. Hey guys! So as you guys know, psych has a new syllabus from the 2019 exams. I'm kinda confused on how to revise for the exams because there are no learning out comes anymore. I looked at the syllabus, but it was too vague How are you guys studying for it? any tips? or even notes (omg yesss )
  5. oops! just edited it! First time here soo
  6. How do you guys answer P1 and P2? (paper 1 and paper 2) Do you guys just state the AMPRCE of a study? (aim, method procedure etc.) Are there any templates that is useful in getting a 7? huuhh I need your help!!! Any tips on answering P1 and P2?
  7. How is person's move to global war textbook?
  8. thdguswn

    History HL

    Hey guys! How's History HL? My teacher is really bad at teaching... so can you guys give me advice? I'd really appreciate it
  9. Hey guys! So it's been only 2 months of IB, and I'm just...struggling Could you guys help me in choosing books for these topics? paper 1: Move to Global war paper 2: Origins, Development and Impact of Industrialization Causes and Effects of 20th century wars paper 3: Aspects of Europe My teacher really has zero knowledge about ib... Help me please!! (I have to study on my own huhu)
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