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  2. Managebac has turnitinuk.com built-in to check essays for plagiarism but its seems to only available to teachers. Is there any way for students to use it? I've tried the website but it is paid and needs school registration and all. Or any good alternatives? I've tried many before but they don't seem that accurate. Managebac still says my SimilarityIndex is 9 while all other websites state 0% plagiarised. I know 9 isn't a lot but I'm curious and also a bit paranoid.
  3. I want to switch to Bio HL or History HL. Would I be able to cope with BIO of my IGCSE double science grade was BB. My expected grade was CC. I was also in the lowest science set and got an E in my mock in 10th grade. As for History I have no prior experience and from the forums I read His HL is incredibly hard to get a 7 and is regarded as one of the most time consuming subjects. Sounds pretty intimidating... My memorizing skills aren't the best. I really am not good at studying. IGCSE grades were pretty bad but IB forces you to have 3 HLs. If you ask me what I enjoy more I'm not particularly fond of either help please
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