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  1. Hey guys, right now I am a bit struggeling with my spanish ab initio course because we do not have books that contain vocabulary on the back, but I guess it is like same for every ab initio course. But what I do want to do is to buy a book with the most essential spanish vocab for year 1 to 2. Do you have any suggestions ? Should I buy for GCSE ? Or do u know better ones ? Thanks in advance
  2. Verox

    Vocabulary English A2

    Thanks guys !! Yeah, talking about SATs I have to study it as well, I think Tooth and Nail will increase my vocab as well
  3. Hey Guys !! Im a junior and this is my first year of Economics. Well right now we are doing the equilibrium and price control, buffer stocks. So far so good but frankly Im struggling a bit with this subject. So far we had like two test and I always got the average grade. I asked my teacher and he said that my problem is that I explain everything too superficial. He told me to analyze everything more in depth and not just saying something and moving on to the other topic. For example we wrote a test on the characteristics of market economies and i got 5 points out of 10, he said that in order to get a better grade I had to develop my points much better and I should have discussed in detail and explain everything. Can you give me maybe some useful tips how to get a better grade ? I mean I know that next time I have to explain everything in detail but still I would really appreciate it. Moreover do you know a good/ useful websites or books ? Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys, Im a junior and take English A2 HL. Well so far Im on a 5 but my problem is the vocab. Do you have some good vocab tips or good website ? Because I really want to boost up my vocab. Thanks in advance

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