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  1. I did the official SAT practice Essay 1 today, and followed the test rules. So I only had 50 minutes, ... Could you please grade it? I'm aiming for an 8 8 8 and I'll be taking the SAT with essay on 4th May 2019. Here's the practice essay prompt: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/pdf/sat-practice-test-1-essay.pdf My essay: Former US president Jimmy Carter manages to persuade rather than convince his audience that the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge should not be developed for industry. Moreover, instead of using facts to support his ideas, Carter uses intellect hence playing with the audience's emotions. In the introduction, Carter describes the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as an utterly beautiful land with "truly great wilderness". His use and choice of adjectives are quite subjective, not factual, which makes the text realistic and enjoyable to read. Although it is true that facts might have been well regarded, Jimmy Carter's honest description of the Refuge makes him more human. In this way, the audience views him less as a "former US president" and more as being one of them. This makes the audience sympathetic. With sympathy, the audience is more eager to support Carter's ideas. Following the introduction is Jimmy Carter's own experience with his wife at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He continues to flatter the land, still with his thought-out choice of words: "brilliant", "great land", "unforgettable", "once-in-a-lifetime wildlife spectacle", and "special birthplace". By this point, former US president Jimmy Carter expects to have charmed the audience by the beauty of the Refuge. Thus, this is the time for him to bring up his main idea that the Refuge should not be developed for industry. Carter manages to persuade his audience, again by his choice of words. He seems to have been "saddened" by only the thought of this "tragedy". These words serve exactly to play with emotions. He then moves on to explain the consequences of the proposed developments. The tone of the text slightly changes as facts are introduced to support his reasoning and ideas. With facts, comes numbers, dates, and an intention to convince. Carter then suggests some solutions that could benefit both the Refuge and the economy, for which he uses pure reasoning to support. In the last paragraphs, Carter tries to flatter the Refuge some more, again with his choice of words: "wild and free", "precious wilderness", "grand triumph", and "extraordinary land". He suggests that leaving the "extraordinary land" as it is would be the "greatest gift" to future generations. To conclude, Carter uses an even balance of facts and reason to support his ideas, hence managing to persuade his audience.
  2. I will be starting a club at "medborgarskolan" in Stockholm and I need to have more members to make it happen! I'm still hesitant about the kind of club: I've been thinking "speech and debate", "reading club", etc. I myself am a 16 year old girl in Stockholm, I don't go to an IB school but I speak fluent English, French, and Arabic. You're welcome to suggest other club ideas, but I'll probably settle on those I mentioned earlier. Let me know if you're interested. I know how it is with IB and I'm pretty sure you're all short on time. Same for me, I go to the school "Lycée Français Saint-Louis" and it's just as stressful. Therefore we will only be meeting once a week for about an hour; we can make some changements as we wish of course. You can also mention this club on your college application and show your engagement. Free material (books, etc. anything we need) will be available and a local as well :). I need some members so please let me know!!!
  3. So I was in a French school my entire life but decided to study the IB program because I want to apply to colleges like Harvard etc. and I thought the IB is better for that. I started this past school year Pre-IB class (grade 10) and dropped out 3 months later and went back to the French school which I will stay in till I graduate in June 2020. I dropped out because it was hard to get good grades as I don't know any of the math and science terms in English. (Also for those of you who don't know, the French high school system is just as hard or even harder than the IB) Ps. I have very high grades at the French school. Will I have to mention this in my college applications? If yes, how will top colleges interpret that? Will it affect my college applications in any way? At least, I'll be taking the SAT in May. (I'm preparing)
  4. Magui

    Chances PLEASE?

    Yes, I'll probably take chemistry HL. Also, I've looked up some volunteering related to medicine and psychiatry, and contacted some clinics. Yes, I know it will be lots of studies before I become a qualified psychiatrist. I have to get my bachelor's degree first then go to med school then residency... Thanks!
  5. Magui

    Chances PLEASE?

    Yeah, I've looked up some conferences in Stockholm and found quite a few that are relevant to psychiatry/medicine and the entry prices are so high: 250 EUR. I don't think I'll attend those. Otherwise, thanks for the advice, I have contacted some clinics for volunteering :)!
  6. Magui

    Chances PLEASE?

    I'm taking the SATs but not the ACT (we don't have it in Stockholm), also I guess I'll have to take chemistry although I absolutely hate it >_<! Thanks!
  7. I'm in Pre IB (grade 10 or MYP5) and I use to be in an international French school before. When I chose IB, it was because I was aiming for Ivy league unis (especially Harvard) and the school days at my Ib school in Sweden are short so I'll have time to train a lot (cycling) as in the French school, we finish every day at 6 pm. Anyways, I thought I'd get good grades cuz that's how it was in the French school but I got my first progress report and I'm so disappointed. Check the attachment. I still have the chance to go back to the French school, should I? (I'll get better grades there but won't have time for training). On top of that, I don't like my current school, the people are not so nice and I only have one friend. Should I quit IB? You think I could have any chances for Harvard honestly? Here are also the grades I got so far on summative tasks: - French 3: 6 and 7 (I'm so angry I don't get it it's my mother tongue and I'm better than the teacher but whatever...) - History: A (that was on an A-F scale for some reason) - Maths: 5, 8, 6 - English: 6, 5, 5, 6 - Swedish: 30 out of 50 Also, my plan was to study immediately after high school at a top college like Harvard, back up plan was Oxford or Cambridge but also colleges in Singapore and Asia, and the back up plan, if nothing works out, was to study in France (but I need the French bac for that I think so I don't know what to do). Also, I want to be a psychiatrist so Ill do medicine studies first.
  8. I'm in Pre-IB grade 10 (MYP5) class in an international school in Stockholm and it's actually my first year in an English speaking school (I've always been in a French school). I plan to become a psychiatrist and therefore need to study medicine then specialize in psychiatry (Ph.D. level studies). My dream is to study at an Ivy league school, mainly Harvard. I don't know what subjects to take next year, but do you think this looks good: HL: Biology, Psychology, English B SL: Maths, French self-taught, Global Politics (As you can see I haven't chosen other sciences than biology (psychology is in an individuals and societies subject at my school) and that's because I am not good at sciences and don't like chemistry or physics, I hope that's fine. I also took French because I don't want to forget it as it is my second mother tongue. Do you guys think I should switch French with something else (and work on French alone at home)? I don't know if this will count in my application process for Harvard but I did the "brevet" (national test of France at the end of 9th grade) and got a 654.4/700 which means 93% correct. Otherwise my current extracurriculars: - I do road cycling with a cycling club, now in the winter, we do spinning (indoor cycling) twice a week (an hour each time) and I train on my own on the other days for at least 90 minutes (it varies between cycling, strength training at gym or just bodyweight workout). I also go for a run with my friend during the lunch break on Tuesdays and Fridays for 30minutes (3-4km) at an easy pace and we then do a 15 minutes bodyweight workout. In overall, I consider myself an active person (maybe even VERY active: I make sure I walk every day at least 10000 steps). - I participated in September 2017 in a cycling race. I cycled 60km, there wasn't any ranking (it isn't really a race, you just cycle) and my speed was normal, I guess. I have only been road cycling for some months but I dream of becoming as good as a pro cyclist and I'm training hard to reach that goal. - I am a member of "Djurens Rätt", Sweden's biggest animal rights non-profit organization; I have been participating in some protests. - I have a blog (started it for my personal project) and I basically journal interesting stuff happening in my Active life. I mainly want to show people how they could have a healthy lifestyle. I am not promoting my blog or anything but if you want to give feedback, here it is: MY BLOG - I tutor two young Swedish girls, I teach them English twice a week, 1.5hrs each time and get money for it. - I am really struggling with finding other things to do because I know this is a VERY important part of the application process. I do want to do some academic competitions but there isn't really such in Sweden, and if there is, it probably is in Swedish which I can't really understand. Otherwise, I obviously plan to take the SATs but maybe next year. Please advise me on what I can do as extracurricular activities or anything? Also how to improve chances of getting into Harvard?
  9. So tomorrow is the deadline for like having written at least 3 entries in process journal on your personal project and I didn't even fill in my personal project proposal on ManageBac. So basically, my project is to create a blog (which I already did) with different sections; sport (cycling, running, walking, yoga, resistance training), food (healthy eating, recipes, diet culture), mental health, about me page. I don't know what to write on ManageBac, what should I write in the "goal" section, "inquiry question", "criteria"? I guess my goal is to just post regularly on my blog, make it big, and MAINLY promote a healthy lifestyle and how anyone could have one. SO what should I write??? Please help!!!
  10. Alright, thanks, I didn't think about that! I just removed the attachment. And yeah you're right, I'll try to improve it myself.
  11. I'm in MYP5/Grade 10 and I have to write a critical essay in English and submit it on ManageBac on Sunday. The essay topic is to write about why I chose this high school while comparing/contrasting all high school options I had before choosing that one. So it should be a 5 paragraph essay with a thesis in the introduction obviously and I should have quite some cause/effect sentences. Also max 550 words. So the thing is we had to write a rough draft for today and we would get feedback from the teacher before improving the essay for Sunday's deadline and so I wrote 840 words and my teacher said it was good, interesting but too descriptive, too wordy and it's more of a story than a critical essay and it exceeds the max word number. I wanna get a 7 so bad so can you guys please improve my essay as much as you can? I mean you're technically not doing it for me so that's fine, I already did all the work you guys are just helping me out, so please the document is attached. Thanks!
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