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  1. Lisa A

    help with TOK powerpoint

    Well in my presentation I had three AOKs and two WOKs and my question was similar, It was "What role do logic and emotions play in the creation of attraction to others?" so I used three AOKs and within that I split it into two: logic and emotions. So I went in depth with each AOKs then linked it to the WOKs and also linking it to the question. Remember to add implication in your conclusion!! This is very important. Hope this helped x
  2. Lisa A

    Second Year of IB...

    Personally, it went smoothly for me. The key is to balance your time and know when to do what, there was many things to do but it was fairly easy to manage when to do what since the deadlines given to me was different and I knew what I had to concentrate on. Honestly, don't even stress that much, my teachers made it sound so much worse, my friends and I even went to parties a couple of times and we still passed our IB! Good luck! You'll do great xx
  3. Lisa A

    IB youtube teachers , URGENT !!

    Oh hi! My teacher has a youtube where he posts some videos for ESS SL, it's mixed with Biology but many videos are solely ESS, plus he's super helpful and funny (sometimes cringy) which makes learning easier. Here's the link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs0AJ4JeDn_5enc4jf47Bhw x
  4. Soo I'm really interested in Criminology and Criminal Justice but I can't seem to fin an english programme for those in Europe and it's really frustrating, any Universities in mind that you guys know offer these programmes?
  5. Lisa A

    TOK presentation topic

    Thank you so much! It really did help, my presentation is in a week and I feel pretty confident. Thank you again!
  6. Hi! I'm a second year IB student and my TOK presentation is in barely a month. I did already do my practice run and my teachers liked it but right now, they're not very encouraging and helpful and my teacher is too scary to try ask questions to ANYWAY! So my TOK presentation topic is "What role do logic and emotions play in the creation of attraction to others?" and it's a pretty cool topic and I have a lot to say but I've got an issue. All I am saying for my first AOK (Psychology) is from one site only, it has really good points and examples and I paraphrased everything but the ideas are basically the same. What should I do? Should I research for other examples? Do I need more than a certain amount of sites? Will I be penalised for plagiarism if I only use that site's ideas? I probably will... PLEASE HELP ME!!

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