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  1. Hey! It's me again talking about my extended essay. I am in a situation where I am not sure what to do. Firstly, when I began the extended essay course, my first preference was psychology and I had a really good topic, but I was not selected, as the class could only select a certain few. My second preference was English, mainly because of this one topic that I really wanted to explore; the portrayal of God in works by William Blake. However, my teacher did not like this idea (which I have zero understanding why) and she forced me into choosing novels (which is the worst type of texts for me - as novels are mainly less sophisticated than poems or plays). She shut down most of my ideas coming from that and I eventually just chose to do The Book Thief, as my teacher pointed out in class that she read this and it was very interesting. After having a read of this and picking my idea (which was colour imagery used by the narrator of death to give insight into the complex nature of humans), I've realised that the Book Thief is well overdone and my topic has already been explored (yet, my EE teacher never mentioned these issues to me). With my topic, it is very difficult to come up with creative ideas, especially when people have been doing it since the beginning of IB and posting their essays online (which I only read after writing mine first to make sure my ideas won't be skewed, and realising how similar the ideas were). Now, I am in a tight spot, and I don't know what to do. I only have 6 more weeks until EE is due, and my teacher is useless as hell. Whenever I work on my EE or edit my EE now, I just feel uncomfortable. I'm exceptionally worried as there are only two paths for me; do a fresh, entirely new EE or continue with mine and potentially get plagiarism and then fail my diploma that I have been working so hard for. I honestly feel like crying on how my life sucks, and I want someone to explain the whole plagiarism to me for EE. If I have the same idea (that I came up with myself) but someone already done this, is this plagiarism? If my topic is very similar to someone's (which I also came up with myself), is this plagiarism? And if I were to continue with this idea and if you said no to the questions above, how can I make the EE really about me? Do I have to push my creativity even beyond what I did? I would like it if someone could reply who had experience with this situations. Thanks.
  2. Yeah, I thought of my little "extension" so now I'm okay, haha. Thanks though kw0573
  3. You could always improve, which would require you to put in heavy concentration on your studies, which you would eventually be able to get a 7 for any of them. However, this can be quite tough, especially if your assessments that goes to your final IB score (such as IOP, FOA) are dramatically low, but that will only affect one subject most likely and you could still get a 6. Maybe you should just focus on studying if you already aren't and you might do a whole lot better. But, if you do feel as though you are struggling, don't go looking for places to work yet. A lot of people from my school left IB, even in end of DP 2 Term 1, back to their old school, which is generally a lot easier. Have a talk with your parents, your headmaster, and I am sure that they are willing to give you extra tutorage or recommend people. And hey, you're passing every subject, so you will at least get a diploma. I'm sorry if I sound detached or disinterested, but you shouldn't feel sad, you have a lot of time left (unlike one of my assessments, haha). Good luck and make a decision you won't regret! Both choices are equally acceptable.
  4. Woah, I am very sorry that I haven't received a notification on your question. Referring to your question on fertilizers, this was a practise assignment so I am not entirely sure that this is a good idea to base your real IA on as I can't see what topic that does come from. If you are/were interested in this, you should ask your teacher.
  5. Hello, I have an enquiry about the Maths IA. Generally for IAs such as chemistry and biology, an extension to the research/IA is just a suggestion for future research/experimentation based on your limitations. However, I'm hearing something different about the Maths IA which is really driving me crazy. There's a word going around that an extension in SL maths is where you conduct further calculations or apply what you have already found for something else, but if I were to do this, my page limit will definitely go beyond 12 pages. Can someone please clarify this for me? Am I being oblivious or is this just a stupid rumour?
  6. I'm so stressed about my EE! I'm doing an English EE on the use of colour to create a complex relationship between Death and Humanity in the Book Thief only to know that it's been done countless times! Additionally, there are exemplars online for this and makes me feel really guilty and also limited in how I research because it would seem like I am copying but I am not! I firstly started with poetry by William Blake for me EE but my EE supervisor said that it is too short and she and I concentrated on War Literature. I then looked at Night by Ellie Wiesel and another war novel, but she said that it was too hard. Through her recommendation, I chose to do the Book Thief, and noticed that colour was very prominent throughout the novel. I told my idea to my teacher and she said that it was good. What if I don't get my diploma for doing a topic that's already been done? Is this very bad? I'm super stressed and not sure how to approach my EE anymore.
  7. Hey mawinnie! I've already finished my final biology IA just last term and I am willing to help you! I've currently gotten for my 4 practise IAs for biology full marks or one below because I knew what I had to do. The topic that you are trying to investigate the most likely transpiration rates in chapter 9? Firstly, this is a HL topic and if your teacher already covered this in class, then go for it. At my school, IAs that received a high mark were enzymes and factors that affect it (temperature, concentration, pH. Temperature and pH is the one of the easier and better factors than concentration) as good IAs should have background information (using idea of enzymes - the enzyme itself, the purpose and significance of enzyme and why your investigation is important), be able to produce a graph that can be heavily evaluated (normally these are scatter graphs, as you can see R value, trends of going up and down, systematic and random errors in data, and generally connects everything that you are doing) as well as qualitative data (such as discolouration of enzymes or the denaturation of enzymes, weird colour or appearance of the product of the experiment to say how the quantitative results are supported or gone against by your experiment) and being able to produce lots of trials (my IA took 30 minutes per trial and I had to do in total 35 trials in 2 weeks, which I had to stay back and come early to school to finish the experiments). I'm not sure about your topic about plants and water as this wasn't my final one, but my practise IA on fertiliser and beans and how the height was affected by the nitrogen or flouride based fertilisers and organic versus inorganic fertilisers scored full marks so maybe you could do something like this with plants? People who did this for their final however had problems such as beans not growing at all or they grow fungus, but if you manage this, the topic is still good. Sorry I can't help much with your idea, but hopefully someone else will come along!
  8. Hey creepia! As a current grade 12 student, I'm willing to tell you about the experience of IB. Generally, the study that you are doing in the IB is not necessarily harder than the OP or whatever system you were previously in, but the IB is searching for students with the ability to handle multiple tasks that are generally seen to be extraneous. In terms of IAs and EEs and TOK, these are additional tasks you will have to do while you study your subjects. Generally, if you want to succeed, ensure that you time manage well. In terms of differences between SL and HL, there are only some subjects when you actually have to try harder than normal (e.g. English and Language HL as the only difference is a harder criteria than SL, which there isn't an option for you. I currently take English HL and its pretty swell, just more explanation, analysing, etc), but with most subjects, its generally just more content, which is easy if you just study like you normally do for subjects. Don't feel pressured about HL and SL, these are generally there so universities can see what you majored in which could help you with your career pathway, but don't fret if this isn't the case for you (as you want to go into medicine. Bio HL and Chem HL are both pretty good, but my friends say that Chem HL is better for university applications - just pick what you like the most in my opinion though. The fact that you are studying all three sciences will increase your university applications by a lot so don't worry about HLs requirements for you). Additionally, you will probably learn new things in the IB that are different from your previous system. Remember as IB is for your final grades, don't stray away from irrelevant information and just learn what you learn in the IB, but you could still integrate skills that you learnt into the IB system. In terms of meeting criteria, the teachers will explain thoroughly on how to achieve a 7 or 6 in Chemistry, English Literature/Writing, Biology, Physics, Farsi and Arabic, so just listen to them. If you are worried about the energy to exert for studies, I generally haven't changed my habits from my OP system. When I want to relax by going on a walk with my dog, listen to music or like watch Youtube, I just do it. You shouldn't feel as though the IB stops you (causationally) from these things, but rather more stuff piles on you that you minimise these things (correlational). This stress of changing to a high education system normally gives students the perspective that they have to change everything and try superhard, but this tends to lead to easy burnouts and lower grades (people at my school that are doing well generally aren't stressed by studying and find the IB system doable). I hope this helped!
  9. I'm not certain but if you said that your method was right, you won't lose all your marks! I'm pretty sure that you will lose 1 mark for incorrect answer but it will be a 'carried through' error. You will probably have to read other people's opinions on this because I'm not entirely sure, but hope this calmed you a bit!
  10. Hmm... if you are wondering about ideas for CAS there's always a lot! I'm pretty sure your local cancer caring charity counts as global engagement if it has a bigger picture of helping a foundation that helps cancer. (I'm not sure how to quote because I'm new on IB survival too) This guy called CkyBlue https://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/16850-ethical-implications/ talked about ethical implications: "In your CAS activity, ethical implication is when you consider doing moral things, or doing things to generally help others for the general good for them. Example? The best one I can think of right now is making accessibility for disabled people. It could also be in terms of moral decision making... if you are writing a play and you are thinking about theme, you could also write about the message of it about racism, people making right or wrong decisions... etc. Most global awareness activities consider ethical implication as a complementary learning outcome, as it is towards a common cause they will do good for those less fortunate." - CkyBlue Sep 10, 2011 Hope this helps! Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the moral support! I'm glad that there are others who also struggle the same way and I'll listen to your feedback. I guess I need to prioritise better and see which subjects are going to give me the most amount of pain for my finals and do well in those IAs and put less time for the ones I will do fine on for the November exams. Well, I wish you luck too and so as everyone else's to strive to achieve a high IB.
  12. Hey, I am feeling kind of down and stressed from IB. I am starting DP 2 and already on the holidays we have 4 assessment pieces and TOK. It seems that even though I try my best, I seem to be missing something and I want to be able to cry tears of happiness not tears of pain when I end IB. Are there any tips from past students which they felt helped them succeed and also were there any hardships you went through?
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