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  1. Ianccoco

    6HL + 1SL Subject

    I considered doing that but my schedule wouldn't allow it. One of the main reasons I like my HL courses is because for the majority of them the HL things that we learn are easier to grasp for me. Another reason I wouldn't like to switch is because I hear plenty of people complain from the SL class that their teacher is no good I now have accepted the fact that IB doesn't allow this (although still don't really understand why) Thanks for your replies
  2. Ianccoco

    6HL + 1SL Subject

    My problem is that the course I do HL work and am an SL in for IB is Theatre. In theatre, there are no end of the year exams and the only thing that separates HL from SL is a Solo Theatre Project. Both my teacher and I agree that this project would benefit my IB grade for Theatre, and thus would like to have it count as part of my Theatre Portfolio. I understand that the IB doesn't allow 5 HLs + 1 SL in their diploma, and that I did gain the knowledge through doing the extra work, but it's just a shame that I won't be allowed to have it count as a grade because it could potentially boost it. (if anyone is wondering about my classes it's HL: Math, Chem, Econ, Eng LangLit, SL: "Theatre", and Mandarin, with an extra certificate in HL Music)
  3. Ianccoco

    6HL + 1SL Subject

    I chose to do 6 HLs because I have an interest and liking for all of them. I am already a quarter into Year 2 and understand the requirements for IB. I am currently doing a "base" diploma of 4HLs and 2 SLs with 1 HL certificate extra. However, in one of my 2 SLs, I am doing all HL work because I am the only student in SL for that class. That is why I was wondering if I could get IB to credit that class as an HL instead of an SL. I do not have one specific area of knowledge that I like, which does have its problems, but also has its benefits. If I were to drop my classes, I would just be wasting what I have worked on a year for.
  4. Ianccoco

    6HL + 1SL Subject

    Hi, thanks for your replies! I was just wondering because I am doing the work of 6 HLs and 1 SL already and IB refuses to recognize my last HL as an HL and only an SL. Would you know of any way to get my HL credited as an HL for IB?
  5. Ianccoco

    6HL + 1SL Subject

    Hello, I was wondering why IB would have a maximum amount of HL's one can take in order to get a diploma (i.e. 4 HLs)? If the worry is about workload, I don't understand why people are allowed to do 4 HLs and 2 SLs plus 2 extra HL classes (amounting to 6HLs and 2SLs) but a person isn't allowed to do 5HLs + 1 SL and 1 extra HL class amounting to (6HLs and 1 SL) which is less work? Thank you!

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