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  1. I am writing my EE on the negative effect of the US-China trade war on Apple, and I'm just wondering if anyone else has similar topics and I'd love to know how your EEs are going and help out with issues!
  2. lola0531HFX

    The Ultimate Re-mark Thread (and some info on remarking)

    Im pretty sure my school doesn't cover the cost of remarking and I made it clear to my IBC that I am willing to pay for the cost. the problem is that she keeps on saying that it is the school policy to only request remark for 1%, and since the only way to get a remark is through IBC, I feel really stuck. please help and thank you for replying
  3. lola0531HFX

    The Ultimate Re-mark Thread (and some info on remarking)

    My IB coordinator says that only people within the 1% from the upper-grade boundary are allowed to request remark where I am 2% away from the mark band for 7. is anyone experiencing the same thing with me???? I am very frustrated as my econ SL teacher really believed that I could get a 7. Someone please help.

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