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  1. let me rephrase myself; i don't have a question, can someone please come up with a question for me? lol
  2. so i just realized i needed chem for engineering, i had assumed that because i was not going to do chemical engineering i would not need chemistry. but universities coming to my school are saying otherwise. so pls its too late to switch to chem, what can i do?
  3. What jobs require HL math? Does medicine require HL math? Or does it just look better to have
  4. Just outta cuiorsity What is the easiest ib subject combo u can take?
  5. Is it too late to switch from literature to Lang and lit in December of IB year 1? i mean couldn't I catch up over December break? ??? I need advice
  6. does anyone know what majors require me to take literature? or what the hell the class is useful for career wise?
  7. lang and lit is pretty much known to be easier than literature, in my school at least. and Literature is just taking up so much of my time, i know its a little late to switch classes but i know i can make it happen. i dont think i even need lit for anything in my future too, so why should i waste so much time on it? Is it worth switching?
  8. HL: Physics, Literature, Global Politics SL: Math, French Abinitio, (either Geo or History) idk whether i should do history or geo, i have no idea what i want to do in the future. Naturally i prefer History over Geo. If i take Geo im guaranteed a 6-7 in my school. but if i take History im guaranteed a 4-6. which should i take?
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