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  1. I would suggest against the against your KQ unless you are supporting the justification of unethical conduct (as that's what is posed through reading the question). If you are passionate about talking about the justification of unethical conduct then you could possibly explore the extent of how different knowledges can justify unethical conduct or maybe the extent of which knowledge can be used to evaluate ethical conduct (this can explore how you know something is ethical or unethical).
  2. I didn't know where to put this question but it's for my TOK essay so I thought this would be the most appropriate. I need to cite my psychology IA for my TOK essay as it is one of my RLS for the TOK essay but I also know that the IB requires everything to be anonymised. I'm unsure of what I'm supposed to put into the in-text citation and the complete citation in the works cited page. I don't want to be flagged for plagiarism but I also don't want to go against any of the rules of the IB regarding anonymity. Does anyone know how to cite myself without using my name in neither the text nor the works cited page? My ib coordinator doesn't have the answer to this.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is my Psychology mock exam from last term, I got a 7 in this. I hope this can be used to practice for the final examinations as this is based on the current syllabus.
  4. You could change some words or remove them completely. e.g. "preliminary testing of" "initially testing", remove "originally" add a full stop after complex, start the next sentence with The, to I developed a different RQ which I developed a greater interest in. That should cut down a few words. If you could, you should keep what you have right now because it is very IB and shows that you are very engaged.
  5. Hi, A few of my classmates are doing their EE on the works of Ernest Hemingway and so my HL English LAL teacher. The guides are probably different but that research question would be appropriate for HL English LAL. It would be more specific if you mention two works so you could compare and contrast them according to his biography. e.g. "To what extent is machismo promoted in A Farewell to Arms and The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber by Ernest Hemingway" or "To what effect is Ernest Hemingway's childhood portrayed through the use of machismo in (work) and (work)." Four works might be too much to analyse as I did mine on the impact of misogyny on the psychological growth of Stephen Wheatley in Spies by Michael Frayn and that took up more than 4000 words. I hope that somewhat helped.
  6. Hey, I suggest not freaking out about it. My class has only started drafting up our ideas for our Biology IAs and the thing that you need to know first is what topic you would like to focus on whether it be cell biology, ecology, or something else and then you decide what kind of study you would like to do, e.g. model something, use existing data, collect data, etc... After that, you should try to make a research question that shows clearly what the independent and dependent variables are so that you can easily undergo the research. It's easier if you make the research question very specific, e.g. How does the pH of an aquatic environment impact the biomass accumulation of a (scientific name of plant)? I hope that helps
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I combined all the studies mentioned in the Pamoja HL Psychology book for 2019 exam syllabus. The studies are mentioned in the content page along with the page number you can find it on
  8. do you want to do the volume of makeup or the measurement that's already in the products (grams and millilitres)?
  9. HI! I take Psychology HL on Pamoja and it's really easy to follow. The teachers respond to messages in 24 hours or less, rarely more. 3 of my friends take Economics SL on Pamoja and they are all getting 6s, they tend to complain that their teacher takes a while to respond to messages but he never takes more than two days. They never complain about the class being difficult to follow and they follow the class to the point where they are able to explain things to someone who knows nothing about economics, me. The biggest weakness when taking Pamoja is when you have group tasks. You could either be assigned a random group or told to choose your own members of the group. Some people, just like members of a face-to-face class, are not very cooperative and tend to not contribute to group work but that could always be solved by talking to them and your teacher. All of the students at my school that take Pamoja consists of those that take Philosophy, Psychology, Economics, and Film. Each of us has a class of about 50 students and up to 5 teachers with one teacher being the main one. There are also some youtube videos on Pamoja. If you'd like to look for more threads on Pamoja, please use the search bar on the top right of the page and type in the keywords "Pamoja", "Economics Pamoja", and such. I hope this helps you somehow! Cheers
  10. And if your school doesn't provide everything you need, Pamoja has online IB classes that aren't too difficult to follow for SL or HL.
  11. ImAcatnow


    Hi, I don't mean to be rude but the title of your thread should firstly be relevant and specific. e.g. "Maths Exploration Topic Suggestion Needed". It will also help others to look for similar topics if you use tags such as Mathematics, Maths HL, Maths exploration, Maths Exploration Topic. There are also pre-existing threads on topics similar to this with a quick search on IB Survival. The search bar is on the top right. These are a few: https://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/44674-math-ia-topic/#comment-279210 https://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/44419-math-exploration/#comment-278527 https://www.ibsurvival.com/topic/42304-math-ia-help/#comment-271796 Hopefully, you find what you're looking for in one of the links or in other threads. Cheers
  12. Hi, thank you for the input. My teacher had previously informed the whole class that the way to format the KQ is by explicitly stating the AoK hence my question's focus on ethics. I also chose ethics as it interested me and I'm planning to link it with philosophy and psychology when explaining hence the use of the term "ethical decision making" and "emotion". I guess all ToK teachers have their different opinions but I'll take your advice into consideration.
  13. Hi all, I'm currently doing a mock TOK presentation and I have gotten my main RLS and the RLS that I will link everything back to in the end. The AoKs that I am focusing on are Ethics and partially History. The WoKs that I chose are reason and emotion. Specifically, I am trying to focus on how ethical decisions can be justified by reason and emotion. I still need news example for the counterclaim and claim. I have two claims; The first being that reason is the most reliable justification for an ethical decision and the second being that emotion is not a reliable justification for ethical decisions. My two counterclaims are basically the opposite of the claims. These claims are derived from the main RLS of mine which is the revoking of the net neutrality law. These claims are then later further validated by my other RLS for the ending when we link back to the main RLS and another RLS that is different but relevant. This is what it currently looks like: RLS: Net neutrality law was removed Definitions: Ethical decision making and Emotion 1. Claim: Reasoning is the most reliable justification for an ethical decision Example: ? 2. Counterclaim: Example: ? 3. Claim: Emotion can cloud one’s ability to make ethical decisions Example: ? (Possible psychology study) 4. Counterclaim: Emotion strengthens the justification of ethical decisions Example: ? (Something about religion) Link back to original RLS and then link to China's strict omission of information both online and physically. I need help to find issues or news that are linked to this topic since I had only found two so far. I will appreciate any sort of recent publications that I could link back to my KQ. Any news or issue suggestions for Claims or counterclaims will be greatly appreciated. If I am at risk of being plagiarised, please tell me. Thank you in advance.
  14. Yes, this would be helpful. Any presentations, videos of people giving their TOK presentations, including their TKPPD would also be very helpful. We're trying to practice as much as we can and prepare ourselves for the correct structure of the presentations.
  15. Hi everyone! I would highly appreciate it if anyone would like to share their previously done TOK presentations from last year or later. This is the first year that my teacher is teaching TOK and our class kind of needs some presentation videos to see the proper way to present. We've currently seen around 4 videos and none of the presentations were from last year so they're all using the old format. Any recordings of any TOK presentations would really be helpful for our class to learn about making an A grade TOK presentation. I do hope to receive some good presentation videos that my class could see and learn from. Thank you in advance for anyone who sends a link to their presentation. - K
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