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  1. When you don't have time to not have time
  2. You might want to edit this and give your IA a little background and explain why you need people to fill in your survey
  3. Hi, I meant more like instead of towards how they are trustworthy and factual, you could look towards how a WOK could be used to decide whether or not an AOK related to the topic you chose is true or false. Like the example I had mentioned, "To what extent can reason and emotion be used to make ethical decisions in the making of art?", this looks at how reason and emotion could be used to make ethical decisions rather than, let's say, "How is an artist responsible for ethics in their making of art?" The second question might have more of a confirmation biased answer since it is specifically asking for how they are responsible for ways they are responsible while the first question is looking towards whether or not reason and emotion can even be used to make ethical decisions and to what extent. I realise that it might not make sense since your question is "To what extent can we know that scientific reports are factual and trustworthy?" and it does look at the extent of how factual and trustworthy they are but while researching. It's not how your thinking might be biased based on the credibility of the report, it's more of how you might end up focusing only on how credible a scientific report is rather than looking at how it can be unbelievable. Yes, I do mean add the WOK and AOK to the KQ. I'm sorry if this was all over the place -K
  4. You're right about the universities, I haven't seen many that specifically state which science they prefer over the other, even for the course I want to take, which is psychology. I take HL Biology and it is difficult. I think your choice of class levels are to be suited to the universities you have researched. I don't know much about veterinary sciences but according to the University of Glasgow, you might want to change your Chemistry to HL together with Biology HL. It states that for the Internation Baccalaureate "Chemistry HL6 AND Biology HL6 AND Mathematics OR Physics at SL6. A minimum of 6 points in English at Standard Level is also required." It really does depend on your University of choice's IB requirements. I hope this helped -K
  5. Hi, I've actually heard about this issue a few times. Your teacher is right about how you might want to look at why people trust the report. Your question could be modified to look at it from both points of views. Maybe instead of "To what extent can we know that scientific reports are factual and trustworthy?" you could add a WOK and an AOK to make it less biased to one side of the belief. For example, there was a student sample presentation where they had chosen the controversial photograph of a starving child in Africa that became quite popular. They made implicit and explicit claims. Implicit claims being about art and photography and responsibility while the explicit claims were straightly taken off of the article itself, involving the name of the photographer and what he did. The student then generated four questions to make the ultimate KQ. The KQ that they made didn't focus on whether people would believe it was right or wrong. It involved two AOK. "What should be the role of Ethical decision making be in the production of art?" was the one the student went for. "To what extent can reason and emotion be used to make ethical decisions in the making of art?" could be another one. So then when you make your presentation. This is a website that helps with effectively structuring your presentation I hope this somewhat helped.
  6. Hi! Recently I was told by a friend who is a teacher at a school in the UAE that Math Studies will actually not be offered to the coming DP students for reasons I sadly forgot. I do however think that dropping down to Math Studies isn't the best choice. From what I have seen in multiple Universities is that they don't even mention anything about a Math Studies and always mention Maths SL/HL. Often times, they don't even mind which one you take and I often see that the minimum requirement is 5 for both HL and SL. I hope this helps!
  7. For English: If it's English LAL, you could do a big five chart that involves Audience/Purpose, Tone/Mood, Content, Structure, and Stylistic Devices. For Biology: There's this guy called Alex Lee on youtube that does all these Biology unit videos. This website is also good for notes - K
  8. Hi! I'm not so great at math either but I found a few websites to help decide topics for Maths IAs. The ones on this website and this website are organized by math units and are for SL and HL This also helps in deciding the topic and planning for a Maths IA, they do have a separate section for the SL but it does involve subscribing to the site. Your school might have an account and you could ask a teacher if you wanted to. I haven't even decided what I'm going to do for my Maths IA yet. Hope that helps in any way though!
  9. You know you're in IB when a date with a classmate is just studying for a test together.
  10. Hey guys, So I'm taking HL Psychology on Pamoja (currently in week 12: UNIT 3: Biological Approaches to Behaviour) and I'm struggling a lot. I find it hard to keep track of everything I've read about even when taking notes. The class moves kind of fast and my teacher constantly tells me that I don't use enough psychology terms. I've tried constantly reading each rubric for how to answer questions and even listing down words I don't understand to use it in the future. I'm engaged in discussions and I continue to keep trying harder to hit all the necessary things when answering an SAQ. If anyone has any tips, it would be a great great help. My teacher had also said that everyone is getting from 1-6 out of a nine. He mentioned that a 4-6 is okay but I still want to achieve higher. Any help will be appreciated! Even just notes or input!
  11. Hi! According to the "written task 1 is an 'imaginative piece' in which you demonstrate your understanding of the coursework and type of text. For example, you could write a letter from one character to another character from a novel that you have read for Part 3 or 4. Or you could write a journalistic review of a speech that was studied in Part 1 or 2." I would suggest sticking to the works studied during your course that was provided by your teacher. I don't necessarily know what the IB says about using a work that was not studied in any part of your course but to be safe, just stick with the ones you have been provided with. IB survival has a thread about writing an English A Language and Literature Guide for Written Task 1 I hope that helped. - K
  12. Hi! I don't know much about History EEs and I'm not sure why you would have to pay an extra $200 for changing the subject. There's this website on History EEs and the 2018 criteria for it. It shows how you can pick the topic and how you can formulate the question so that it fits the subject properly. They insert this table to help construct the quesiton: To what extent was... [Event] [Situation] [Development] [Individual] [Policy] responsible for... [Event] [Situation] [Development] [Policy] the most important result of... How useful is... the Novel... the Album... oral testimony... photography... the painting... the film... to the historian studying... How successful / significant was... [Individual] (e.g. politician / sportsperson / entertainer / film director / etc) in the context of... I'm sorry if it's not much help but I hope it helps somehow! -K
  13. Hi everyone! I'm Kathleen and I was wondering if anyone that has already done their exams has any TOK presentations with the TKPPD and score and comments that their teacher and the moderator gave. I am helping my teacher try to find more examples of TOK presentations closer to 2017 since the video that IB has are both from the same school and are from 2012. If anyone would like to share their files with me. I will send you my email. If you wish to keep your name anonymous, you can send it without your name in the TKPPD. I hope to hear from someone soon
  14. cas

    @R-Flower yeah you can make memes for a CAS project. There's a facebook page named 'IB memes for risk-taking teens' The student also uploaded their CAS proposal and teacher's comment when it was approved. Check it out if you plan to do it! It's quite funny and interesting. Just make sure that everything you post is yours and not plagiarised. Don't forget to ask your teacher if it counts as a CAS before you start the project or even start writing the proposal. Different teachers have different opinions. Hope that helped!
  15. @Sammy.M Yep!