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  1. General_ShutUp

    Exams Scheduled on Same Day

    I have two days where my exams are scheduled at the same time. I was told that I would be taking them the same day just one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Your IB coordinater will take care of you, it's not like they're just gonna say tough luck kid you won't be able to do the IB diploma because of your testing schedule. Don't worry about it. My more coordinate said that they will also treat us super well if we have two IB tests on the same day, hopefully, this means I get my coordinators famous brownies!
  2. General_ShutUp

    Survey for Math IA

    Please could guys take this survey so that I can get enough data for my Math IA? I already have 24 responces and I only need 50. It is very quick, only four questions and it is basically how many IB/AP classes you take and how much sleep you get per night. https://goo.gl/forms/JIJQmFDp40hUYepq1 Thank you guys so much I really appreciate it.
  3. General_ShutUp

    6HL + 1SL Subject

    Because they don't want us to die. (Too much)

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