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  1. Last year's Paper 2 had a question where considerable knowledge of Pasteur’s experiment was essential. In regards to Biology experiments in general, I wouldn't go all psychology studies mode on them, but I would know at least the significance of each experiment and how it was able to come to its conclusion.
  2. I'm willing to help, but please be more specific in your question.
  3. So I am working on my IA on determining the effect of heat on Vitamin C content in a certain vegetable. I used a titration method but since I was working with the liquid form of the vegetable I can't seem to find out how to compare the Vitamin C content I found with a literature value. All the literature values are in mg/g and I determined Vitamin C as g/mL. There doesn't seem to be an established literature value of Vitamin C in the vegetable's liquid form as the vegetable is not very popular. Is there any way I can still compare my data to a literature value?
  4. Oops, I forgot to mention that. It was HL. I don't think you can get the Bilingual Diploma without it being HL, though I might be wrong.
  5. I'm fluent in Hungarian and chose to pursue the self-study even without analyzing texts before. Now, I actually ended up dropping it about halfway through. Don't get me wrong, it's not because it was too hard or I didn't value expanding my learning in the language, it was just too much work. I found myself falling behind in either the self-study or my other classes depending on which I put more effort into. Taking the self-study in pursuit of the Bilingual Diploma follows the same assessment format as a primary language HL class, so you're essentially replicating what you learn in an entire 2-year HL class all by yourself (without all the teacher-assigned assignments affecting your GPA). If you're truly passionate about learning more about your language, I wouldn't worry too much about the difficulty of the self-study (as long as you're fluent in the language and are prepared to present and write essays on it), I'd instead be cautious on the extent it would affect your already extreme workload. Think, "is this self-study going to have an effect on my performance in my other classes?" However, if you're wishing to pursue a career in linguistics then this could be a much more advantageous opportunity than it appeared to be for me. Good luck!
  6. Seems fine to me, and though I don't see much value in Economics/Visual Arts in the fields you mentioned, I think it's fine to have a class chosen solely for the enjoyment of the topic. Biology/Chem/Physics classes are all sought after in the fields you desire but if you could only choose one, Biology is arguably more useful because it is preparation for the understanding of human cadavers that people in your field will need. Good luck!
  7. The recommended number of pages is 6-12. You're fine!
  8. This question should be directed to your IB coordinator and your English teacher. I'd assume it's possible, but you should consider what your teacher believes is best for you as well since he/she will know your current status in terms of how you should be learning English.
  9. Waris

    topic for math IAs

    The 'Golden Ratio' is a safe topic among a few.
  10. I mean I feel like the emotions are only temporary though. Such as after an action movie you feel motivated and empowered, but these feelings dimish in due time.
  11. Make sure that your math commensurates with the contents of your course, whether this SL or HL. I do not know much about magic squares but you must make sure that the math involved in the topic is rigorous enough to be correlated with the math involved in your syllabus. Can you identify similarities between the math you've been learning in class with the math in your IA? If not, it is likely that you will be missing out on a majority of points, as the use of relevant mathematics is worth more points than any other criterion (6 points). The other criterion includes communication (4 points), mathematical presentation (3 points), personal engagement (4 points), and reflection (3 points). Analyze the requirements for the criterion carefully and make sure you are incorporating them into your own IA, use this published by the official IBO for a better understanding of these requirements.
  12. "Hey, what was your GPA last quarter?" "4.8" "Wow, what a nerd"
  13. Full IB is a lot of work. I have managed to go a full season of soccer as a full IB student and it wasn't very easy, but I managed. You risk being overwhelmed should you choose to transfer to the IB school since your dance is also quite demanding as well. Homework and studying should be expected daily and assignment are usually quite long as well - let's just say that there are more extended response questions than multple choice on a typical homework assignment. You must stay on top of classes and do not fall behind in assignments at any cost, or you will struggle for the rest of the semester. I believe if you are determined to work very hard and not procrastinate with school work then you will succeed in IB.
  14. Have the word "homework" echo in your head all day
  15. Apparently I've already taken this survey from another source you posted on - haha! Best of luck, once again
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