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  1. stealthyfighter

    Is it possible to do better?

    You absolutely can improve. Grade 11, first IB year was so bad for me I was getting like 70s in math and not my best in other subjects either. So in the summer, I studied, and in the second year I broke most 🙈 of my bad habits, and yeah I feel more confident. You have loads of time to improve but start now. Work on your weaknesses, try to study ahead in the summer cuz grade 12 becomes a little bit easier and dont allow yourself to procrastinate. Delete all your social media or whatever hobbies distract you. You can do it!
  2. stealthyfighter

    psychological setting

    Hey guys, working on my works in translation ( for final hand in to IB). In class, we talked about psychological setting briefly when discussing short stories. It was basically tone, mood and atmosphere. But im unsure because we only touched upon it. However, in my essay, I want to use it. I searched it up to clarify the meaning of this type of setting but can't find anything. Do you guys know what psychological setting is in literature? I want to know for sure. Thanks!
  3. stealthyfighter


    Hey, In terms of memorizing studies ( ugh torture) it was basically me remembering each study in terms of Aim, participants, procedure and Results, And then I'd have a few key points for discussion such as limitations. I did this because examiners look for these points right away when talking about studies I'd write them down on cue cards, constantly review them. I'd write them in places I could see them so that I could glance at one or two on the train. That's why it's important to start reviewing in advance so you can just review. Although if u are short of time u can still manage because I still did end up cramming allot of studies the few weeks before the exam. Other than cue cards, I also repeated them out to myself, I tried searching up the main studies on youtube cuz watching a visual of the study helps. For example, the crash course helped me remember that Bandura study...I'm surprised that I still remember some of these studies 😮 I also typed up my studies onto an online reader so I could hear someone repeatedly read out the study to me. Different ways of memorizing it helps. Also, a good idea overall is to have some main studies you know super well and try to reuse them as much as you can. Like H.M for localization can be analyzed from a cognitive and biological perspective. Good luck!
  4. stealthyfighter

    Extended essay citations (URGENT)

    Thank you!
  5. stealthyfighter

    Extended essay citations (URGENT)

    Hey guys, so my EEs is on risk perception of GMOs, and how this influences implementations in countries. So I have psych as part of my interdisciplinary and bio. So do I do APA citations or MLA citations??? I'm so confused and this is due tomorrow and i just realized this. Welp
  6. stealthyfighter

    Chem IA topic question ( rate of reaction and catalysts)

    ah thank you so much! that simplifies things allot!
  7. hey guys, I am planning on doing my chem IA on different catalysts impact on the rate of reaction of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide. I was planning on measuring this rate of reaction with gas pressure ( with gas pressure sensors). My different catalysts are manganese dioxide, Potassium iodide, catalase, iron dioxide and lead oxide. So 3 transitional metal catalysts, one ionic compound and one organic compound as my catalyst. But now I am beginning to have second thoughts on this topic because ultimately I am not using a quantitative value as my IV. I've just chosen 5 different catalysts. But I'm not sure how I would hypothesize which catalyst is better than the other, and when I get my results how I would justify. Is me having these types of catalysts as my IV rather than some quantitative value a potentially bad thing or more likely to have a bad impact? Because I dont know how to form my hypothesis and I could not find much research online (quite frankly I dont even know what to look for). So some guidance here would be awesome. : ) so should I try simplifying my topic into perhaps ": varying the concentration of one catalyst and its impact on the rate of reaction of hydrogen peroxide? is that too simple? is my previous topic fine? I feel like I am going in circles.
  8. stealthyfighter

    Need help with my TOK presentation

    This question is definitely a great starting point, however, if you want a good and detailed argument (claims and counters) you need to be even more specific. For example in your question, consider: what sort of knowledge? Contextual knowledge? Emotional based knowledge? Is this knowledge the truth? Clarify this. And for the second part of your question consider what types of behaviour? Emotional responses to the historical event? Biases towards different sides? Because really anything can be behaviour. I feel this part of the question could focus on emotion so that your overall question basically ask how does a specific type of knowledge of a historical event impact some sort of behaviour (which is influenced by emotion.) It's up to you what sort of behaviour you want to study. Just some outside perspective and suggestions. Overall, your question is really interesting, just have to narrow down a bit more. Good luck!
  9. stealthyfighter

    ways to measure plant growth??? biology IA!!

    hey, well here is a list of ways my teacher suggested in class -measuring the diameter of the stem: how wide it is. You can use measuring tape or string -measure the height of the stem in cm -leaf size can be measured without taking them off, just measure across or from the bud to the end with a measuring tape/ or string. Although I do admit this may be more tedious -you can even try measuring the heaviness of the plant. That would entail measuring the pot with soil at first before the experiment. And then every time you measure your plant in the pot, you subtract the pot and soil weight. Good luck!
  10. stealthyfighter

    Please help complete my Math IA Survey

    Done! Best of luck!
  11. stealthyfighter

    Need help with motivation!

    A big aspect of motivation is that you clearly see the end goal. It is especially easy to lose motivation when you have a distraction around you. So, as a first step try to remove any distracting factors, such as social media. Just delete it, and you eventually will stop thinking about it. And as aforementioned, sleep is very important, You think much more differently with 5 hours of sleep compared to 8-9. As well, a little bit of competitiveness gives rise to motivation. Look to your other classmates, listen to them talk about assignments. Allow yourself to become a bit competitive. Finally, create schedules with goals. Even if you dont feel motivated, just follow it. Eventually, it will become second nature. Taking little steps and meeting those little goals will motivate you as well. Good luck!
  12. Hello, As I am doing my world studies EE research, I came across a few obstacles. For my world studies essay, (which requires 2 subjects to approach a topic) I want to approach the biological and societal effects of using a gene editing technology called CRISPR in modifying and killing off mosquitos that carry Malaria. There's a global project going on called project target malaria, that has already conducted lab experiments and have proved that mosquito populations with malaria can be reduced. However what has left me rather confused is if I can approach the topic the way I want to. I want to explore what would happen in society and ecosystems if this global project does what it aims to. My research would be based on previous information (such as the role of mosquitos in ecosystems) and apply it to answer my question. And this brings me to ask: Is this topic too hypothetical? Should my topic entail something that has already been accomplished? All advice would be appreciated
  13. stealthyfighter

    Chemistry EE

    well, it depends what your EE is on. (There are a lot of potential topics to choose from, and obviously, not all topics can be explored through in school experiments. You may have to choose to use secondary research and data from that.) The thing about Chemistry is that a lot of it is quantitative, and analysis is done through calculations. So most of the times calculations are important. Pretty much all chemistry EE examples I myself have gone through do include calculations, and analysis of the topic based off of those calculations So with whatever topic you do choose, you would have to think, " Can I do a good analysis of the topic, Can I evaluate my research question well, with or without presenting calculations and evaluating them?" Good luck!
  14. stealthyfighter

    Pakistan elections

    Anyone watching the Pakistan elections right now? What's your opinion on it? As I watch...I have one word: INTENSE
  15. Yes, ofc! Just be sure to check in with ur CAS coordinator, and make sure that the supervisor for this activity signs ur CAS paperwork so u can get the paperwork approved before u start ur activity. Have fun!

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