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  1. Hello, As I am doing my world studies EE research, I came across a few obstacles. For my world studies essay, (which requires 2 subjects to approach a topic) I want to approach the biological and societal effects of using a gene editing technology called CRISPR in modifying and killing off mosquitos that carry Malaria. There's a global project going on called project target malaria, that has already conducted lab experiments and have proved that mosquito populations with malaria can be reduced. However what has left me rather confused is if I can approach the topic the way I want to. I want to explore what would happen in society and ecosystems if this global project does what it aims to. My research would be based on previous information (such as the role of mosquitos in ecosystems) and apply it to answer my question. And this brings me to ask: Is this topic too hypothetical? Should my topic entail something that has already been accomplished? All advice would be appreciated
  2. well, it depends what your EE is on. (There are a lot of potential topics to choose from, and obviously, not all topics can be explored through in school experiments. You may have to choose to use secondary research and data from that.) The thing about Chemistry is that a lot of it is quantitative, and analysis is done through calculations. So most of the times calculations are important. Pretty much all chemistry EE examples I myself have gone through do include calculations, and analysis of the topic based off of those calculations So with whatever topic you do choose, you would have to think, " Can I do a good analysis of the topic, Can I evaluate my research question well, with or without presenting calculations and evaluating them?" Good luck!
  3. Anyone watching the Pakistan elections right now? What's your opinion on it? As I watch...I have one word: INTENSE
  4. Yes, ofc! Just be sure to check in with ur CAS coordinator, and make sure that the supervisor for this activity signs ur CAS paperwork so u can get the paperwork approved before u start ur activity. Have fun!
  5. Hiya guys, To Hl students for chem, I was just wondering do the AHL chapters build off of the core content or are they absolutely new content? Because, as I understand, each core chapter is a new overall concept, so, as a Hl student would those HL chapters be completely new concepts each? Thanks in advance!
  6. take over the world- precisely 6 am he opened the underworld releasing all the dead
  7. Done and good luck!
  8. Hey, well from what I know, there are individual program requirements which you would have to look up but overall they have high requirements. Looking at the IB requirements for admission: Which, I do know for sure is that their grade requirements for IB are from 37-38 points, and either want a 6,6,6 or 6,6,7 in your Hl subjects. This website may be of more help: http://www.lse.ac.uk/study-at-lse/Undergraduate/Prospective-Students/How-to-Apply/Entry-Requirements good luck
  9. Well, the important thing I learned after a while is that bio and chem arent subjects that can be crammed anymore. There are many concepts for the two subjects but you have to be able to understand them inside out. So NEVER procrastinate and keep up with the lessons in class so that before a test you aren't learning new content. Do notes whenever you have spare time, make sure you understand it after class and ask questions! If you have time try to read up a few pages before class so you can ask questions in class during the lesson. Learning styles can be subjective but note taking is a pretty good standard way to pick up key points. You'll find for chem is that it is a more concept based subject while bio is cramming, understanding and taking in information. So you'd have to adjust your note taking style. In my chem notes I explain allot of the concepts to myself and in bio, I'm just taking in all this information from the textbook and simplifying it and organizing it. Another way to keep up and be on top of your game is to also watch videos. It works because you are taking in all your concepts through new contexts. Crash-Course is awesome for chem and bio. But with all this, you have to keep reviewing all that you take in! Reread your notes, cue cards, videos etc. Good luck
  10. Hey! Your topic is quite interesting, however, if finding research is hard perhaps you should try something else. The thing about world studies topics is that they have to have global significance and local significance while writing in perspective of two subjects. So that would mean you would have to narrow your topic and research question. So even if you change your topic be mindful of that. If you do your back up topic maybe look into how the evolution of Chinese medicine has influenced the development of a widely used medicine, and connect this to a local issue ( like an outbreak in a particular country)? These are just ideas that I'm just bouncing off. Up to you For whatever topic you choose make sure you have ample research so that as you research you narrow down on your topic that way. But if you really want to stick to your current topic try other research methods such as books and such? Bottom line is that if you cant, then try your 2nd topic because you can narrow down on that (because you have to be really specific in your research question). I rambled. Also this might help to gain some perspective on world studies EEs: https://www.ibo.org/programmes/diploma-programme/curriculum/extended-essay/world-studies/ Good luck
  11. In Addition to above, I feel the textbook is a good place to start with because it gives Practice examples and goes by concepts. Question bank is a good place for overall practice and exam practice.
  12. That sounds like a really good place to start! Of course for your research question, be specific. Since you are doing a subject you have not taken ( I'm doing that too) I suggest you search up the IB syllabus pdf on visual arts to see the topics covered because you will have to mention concepts from the subject in your essay. It is essential to mention concepts from the subject itself. That's what my teachers emphasized. Maybe, from this syllabus, you can find the IB definition of art, and analyze that in your essay too. Just a suggestion😊 Good luck!
  13. Well, since this is IB yr 1 for me, I only took Psych and French exams. Ugh, either way, it is so nerve-wracking 😅. I feel like I overall prepared well for those, although my writing gets very messy, so my greatest fear is that the examiners would kind of not read it...? or lower the grade because they just can't read parts of my essay. SO yeah. that's my rant. That was very cathartic. What about Y'all?

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