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  1. In timed essays, dividing time and writing speed is the key. What I do during timed essays is I take at least 3-5 minutes to plan. It is a very rough plan of course. But those few minutes of planning are essential as you can get arguments down rather than just writing aimlessly Then it is important to mentally plan out. Such as " I might take 5 minutes on the intro, 10 minutes on the first argument, and 5 minutes on the counter-argument paragraph". And while writing, those arguments that you wrote down in your initial planning may even become developed, as your brain will be "sleeping on it" I know these are general tips, but I do hope these help as it's the little things that do!
  2. Agreeing with @introspectivebeat, if you speak to your topic well, any book can have literary merit. And in terms of what you mentioned for natural sciences: that you don't have enough resources to conduct research, its the same in my school. BUT, you can use secondary data from databases to collect data! Just thought to let you know that if that is the only factor holding you back from an EE in the natural sciences. An EE in sciences looks great when applying to science-based fields Good luck
  3. You said you enjoyed the Odyssey ( mentally I went: WOAH because it is a hard read-impressive though!). If you really understand it perhaps you could write on it as you could connect it to Greek conventions. Aspects of Greek culture have also impacted western society, so you can also bring that in so you have a real-world connection. You can also find a lot of online help for this particular book. Of course, in the end, it is totally up to you. good luck!
  4. It is definitely a good textbook. It basically all the essential information in one place, and with suggestions on how to answer questions. However, I don't think you should rely solely on one textbook. This is, after all, a condensed study guide. Have another source of information to supplement just in case, such as the Oxford IB biology textbook. This way you can understand and read explained concepts, while, Essentials BIology gives you the condensed information in "IB like" statements. Goodluck
  5. Hiya! I was doing French for my language B, and I had a pretty bad vocabulary until a few months ago as well. Tip: don't try to blindly memorize lists. Yes have them for reference, but don't memorize them. what you can do is perhaps learn two words a day and write a sentence containing that word. Also what really helped me pick up my French was going online and watching videos on youtube with captions. Slow it down, and repeat it out loud to yourself. You are this way building on your comprehension, vocabulary and speaking skills. This will also reflect in your writing as well! I'm not even joking I have watched shows for 6 years old just because it was the only easy enough video in French on Youtube Bonne chance mon ami!
  6. Agreeing with above, try narrowing your question, so that with it you can also make sub-thesis. That would make your IA more organized as well. For example, if you do the economic, cultural and political aspect of the war and its effect of -blank- ( specify here as well) Korean families. That was just an example, feel free to take inspiration from it though. Best of luck!
  7. Well for starters, English HL. I even see Psychology as potentially useful as a social science. And I know for sure film studies which is basically like English except you learn to analyze films ( most people assume you act only, that is only a small part of it). Good luck!
  8. I totally get where you are coming from. You just gotta pick yourself up, ignore that test and move on. This is what you can do in the future: Sit down and go through your tests and on a separate sheet of paper write down a trend of mistakes you notice. Conceptual, numerical etc. Additionally, make sure that ALL concepts are crystal clear in physics. I find it helpful if I take notes and then reteach and resay it to myself. When you do practice problems, if you get it wrong you understand what you did wrong down to the details. Redo those questions over and over. Go in for extra help as well, get your teachers to re-explain concepts if you need to. They are there for a reason. And don't go in thinking you are gonna do bad. Becuase you aren't if you're trying hard. That effort has to show somewhere. Forget that test and move on. My first test in physics and second for the matter, I did SO bad, but then I practiced so much that I can do them confidently! I know, allot of this sounds cliche, but it really helps. Use your resources and just practice, don't dwell on past mistakes because honestly, you don't have time to do that.
  9. Not a scam definitely, and to me, it has been a great help! You can get general or specific advice on forums for every subject and, the files include people's work as potential examples, notes and even study guides! It's a time saver. There are two ways to access the files: one: you buy it as you are thinking about. two: participate in forum discussion adding to about 100 posts ( without spam).
  10. As a potential starting point, perhaps think of what interests you. The TOK Areas of knowledge are divided up fairly simply, and so are the ways of knowing. Look into an area of knowledge you can speak a lot about, and perhaps connect it to a way of knowing. I know this is broad, but starting from what interests YOU and exploring it further through a wok will let you be passionate about what you are doing!
  11. In addition to that tragic truth, do try to fit in extracurriculars in. When competition comes in for entrance into uni, extracurriculars can be an asset with good grades. As well, what is the required grade to get into Cambridge ?
  12. Just as she discovered this, hades god of death appeared out of thin air, looking very...
  13. Interview emotions ie) fight well..that makes sense...
  14. To what extent does genetic influence beharior 17/22 View File To what extent does genetic influence behavior, a long answer from the BLOA. This was marked as 17/22 a level 7 answer. It is an essay divided into chunks to help you memorize. Submitter inaya Submitted 03/17/2018 Category Exam Revision  
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    To what extent does genetic influence behavior, a long answer from the BLOA. This was marked as 17/22 a level 7 answer. It is an essay divided into chunks to help you memorize.