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  1. PizzaEater

    IB Subject Choices Law

    Biology HL because I wanna have the option of studying in Germany too (quite unlikely, but as a backup plan I would be able to have the option)
  2. PizzaEater

    IB Subject Choices Law

    Hello again, I have already created a post about my subject choices to study law about a week ago, however I was wondering whether these following subject choices would also be alright. HL: English A Language and Literature, German A Language and Literature, History SL: Spanish B, Biology, Maths SL OR: HL: English A Language and Literature, History, Biology SL: Spanish B, Maths SL, German A Language and Literature This second option would only be for the unlikely event, in which I would want to study in Germany, so I really prefer the first option and it would be great if you could give some feedback on this FIRST option I have 3 languages in these choices because languages are one of my main strengths and also our school seems to get consistently good scores in Spanish B (in 7 years nobody got less than a 6 ). I am probably looking into studying International Law or Commercial Law. Thanks in Advance
  3. Hey there, I am in the middle of 10th grade now and we have to hand in our IB Subject Choices in a few weeks. Until now, I have gotten a few ideas on what to pick for the IB, however I am not sure if this is ideal for law, or if it's maybe a bit too difficult... What I have come up with was: HL: English Language & Literature, History, Economics SL: Biology, German A Language & Literature, Maths SL Would be great if any of you could comment on improvements or changes I could make for my choices. Also adding a reason would be great. Thanks in advance

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